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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coffee X 30; Coffee Dummy

Alabama National Championship Coffee
Red Diamond
30 canisters

And, I don't even drink coffee! But, I love a good deal and pass them on to friends.  Coffee was so cheap at 7:45 am this morning at Walmart. These are 11 ounce canisters, each for for for... for...(building suspense)


The first thing I did when I found the cart of coffee was to call Charlie, the coffee fiend, who said he would take 20 or 30, so 30 it is. Exbf said he had enough coffee to last two years. Daughter will be getting five of these. Everyone is good for the money, so no problems there.
A cashier said people were buying these for Christmas presents.  Alabama football fans are crazy for anything Alabama. I cleaned out one cart of these, but there is another cart full of coffee for everyone else.
Coffee Dummy
When I found the cart of coffee, I was not sure if the price was good. I asked people in line where the cart was sitting, "Is $1 a good price for this coffee?" I got a universal affirmation. Some of the people looked at me like I was crazy for asking the question.
Then, when exbf came, I said I supposed it was a year old already, and worried it would not be good for 2013. He sort of laughed and told me the 2012 National Championship was decided in January or February of 2013. That's odd. So, the coffee was not old at all. Silently, I wondered if Red Diamond slapped the label on old coffee. Noooo, I did not mean that. Don't sue me, Red Diamond!
The last time I made coffee, that I can remember, was in 1971 when I made instant coffee for my Daddy when my parents came to our house for Thanksgiving. It was so strong he could not drink it.
I don't know how to work a coffeemaker. Ex-husband did drink coffee, either. He would order it if we went out, but had no interest in drinking it daily.
For about 30 years I kept a jar of instant coffee for company. Finally, I threw away a very old jar. Company wanted fresh-brewed coffee...oh well, not in this house.
I can remember the last cup of coffee I had and that was only the second cup in my life. It happened 39 years ago on the way from Memphis to here, right outside Memphis in Mississippi. I stopped and bought coffee because  after too little sleep, I was seeing double cars approaching me and had three little children in the car. I forced myself to drink the coffee, black, of course. Cream or sugar would make me throw up!
Back to the Subject
Charlie is good for this money. He will call me when he spots similar deals. All the coffee will go in his freezer, I suppose. 
Your turn
How is this for a deal? You can all give me a pat on the back for being an eagle-eyed, astute shopper and a good friend to share a good Have you ever found coffee in abundance and so cheaply? Would this be welcome in your household?


  1. What a wonderful deal! I absolutely would have bought a dozen or so. The only time I have ever seen that sort of price was many years ago during the week prior to Thanksgiving and then you had to have a coupon and there was a limit of one. You totally scored!

  2. Janet,
    Limit of one is not good, EVER. Thanks. I love to score!

  3. I'm not a coffee person, but I would buy it for friends and family at that price. You got a great price. I just ordered a single-serve coffee maker so my friends can have coffee and tea. It also makes hot chocolate. I know I'll be reading the instructions very carefully because I know nothing about coffee.


  4. Janie,
    So, there is another person who knows nothing about coffeemakers! My friends who don't drink coffee cannot believe I don't even know how to make coffee. Is this machine you ordered the Keurig type or a regular coffeemaker? What brand is it uses regular coffee? Thanks.

    1. It's a Keurig. Middle Child has one and recommended it. It has these little packets with different flavors of coffee and tea and whatever that you pop in it. Then you pour in enough water for your mug. It should be here in another day or two.

    2. Janie,
      Thanks for that information. I have seen those on display and had a sample of hot chocolate.


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