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Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Food for Allergies: Milks and Crackers

This has been difficult! When I ask about wheat-free food, I am automatically told where the gluten-free food is located. Gluten is NOT a problem according to my allergist.

People keep handing me Silk or something made with cashews. I am allergic to cashews. Then, they will hand me something that is sugar-free. I don't want artificial sweeteners. Or, they hand me something that is sweetened. They are not being mean; they just are ignorant of the whole situation and don't listen.

Things I finally bought:
#1 Blue Diamond almond milk--1/2 gallon
#2 Silk Almond Dark Chocolate--12 ounce size to sample
#3 Silk Almond Dark Chocolate--1/2 gallon
#4 Silk Almond Reduced Sugar--12 ounces

Blue Diamond #1--I commented that it was watery. After my comment about it being watery, someone said to shake it. I did. It is no longer white or watery, just an awful shade of beige or taupe.

The Silk with reduced sugar #4, just a sample for me will not be purchased in the larger size. I did not mean to buy. I may reconsider this because of the cane sugar it contains and the lack of soy lecithin, just sunflower lecithin. It is unpleasant looking. We do eat with our eyes.

Silk almond Dark chocolate #3 and #2 was a pleasant surprise. It is soooo chocolatey! I use it half and half with the original #1.   This makes a nice chocolate drink. It is like I have a treat lots of times each day. The only problem is this product uses chocolate processed with alkali (Dutch Chocolate). Dutch processed chocolate no longer has the good things chocolate has to offer us. Bummer!

I like no soy. I like real cane sugar. Rarely do I want a whole glassful because this does not have the feel or satisfaction of drinking real milk.  The milk is processed in a plant that processes other tree nuts, so I wonder how safe it is for me.

One surprising thing is that the two 12 ounce bottles do not have to be refrigerated. They are UHT. This feature is a good one since I could carry this along with no fear of it spoiling if the ice melted.

However, I think the gums in the "milk" are making my gastric problems worse. Plus, I am dizzy with no problems with my sinuses or ears. ??? I am not sure I will ever buy any of these again.

Buying some sort of crackers has also been difficult. Most seem like toxic brews, baked and packaged. I am not allergic or sensitive to gluten!

Next Friday, exbf is coming here and taking me out for my birthday dinner.  At that time, I intend to eat dairy. However, I will take my own Greek yogurt or sour cream for my baked potato. Since I am going to Ruby Tuesday, my favorite restaurant in this town, I will have a salad with dressing. I might just take my own dressing, too. Okay, I am becoming one of "those people." GAH!!!

Van's Gluten-Free snack crackers, recommended by a follower, are good, seem to just disappear in my mouth without much mouth/chewing satisfaction, and taste too salty.

Don't get me wrong, I like salty potato chips and fries. I just wipe these crackers off with a cloth and they are fine. I will buy these again--$2.50.

While I was at Publix, I visited the reduced section/rack and found a cracker. Manischewitz Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares (not a replacement for seder matzo). The box says these crackers are kosher for Passover and all year round. I don't know what matzo is, but assume it is Jewish even without the rest of the labels. These squares are about 7" square and look like communion bread. Since communion bread is not leavened, and this says it is for Passover, my first impression was correct--unleavened bread.

The crackers are bland, easily crumble, not tasty, but do provide a person with something to put in the mouth. They are not bad, not good, just okay with me. Marked down--$2.69. I might buy these if on sale, but may not if the full price is too high.

So, there it is, an interesting experiment. It's not an exciting gastronomical journey, just a confusing one. I will see my allergist soon, so time will tell. I hope he can test me for the gums.  It seems I have traded itchiness for dizziness. I will take the dizziness any day.

I know I have lost 10 pounds since I started this diet for my allergies, probably more. If I can just stand not eating long enough to lose 100 lbs, I suppose it will be worth it.

Your turn
Have you found relief from food allergies? How? Are you or do you expect you are allergic to gums in drink and food?  Have you used any of the foods I tried? What else would you recommend? If you had to substitute foods or eliminate foods, did you lose weight?


  1. I had terrible sinus problems and was dizzy so much. I was constantly taking sinus pills just to live. Once I cut out the dairy, it was like night and day. I can even tell now when just a little dairy is in something that I ate, I start to get dizzy. This is a miserable thing to sort but when you finally get away from everything that you are allergic to it will be like a new life.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      That has been my life and becoming increasingly worse. I hope it is not dairy. I could stand it being wheat. This Friday will be the test.

      Being free of sinus problems has been wonderful. But, since I have given up so much, it's still not clear what it is. I do know the wheat definitely made me ill this last week. Thanks so much!

    2. 3 years ago my husband ended up in the ER with such extreme dizziness he was vomiting. It was from artificial sweetners. After a few weeks he was better and hasn't had any in 3 years and no more dizzy issues.

      Try Crunch Master Crackers. I like the ones I've tried. They have several varieties and go on sale and have coupons frequently in my area.

      It's all trial and error. If you have a Grocery Outlet store in your area they sometimes have good wheat free things at a discount. That's where I try them first and don't have to pay the high prices.
      Take care.

    3. Crystal,
      Thanks. I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners. I do drink Caffeine Free diet Coke, but not many. Thanks for the brand name. I will look for it. That ER trip must have been scary.

  2. You said - I like no soy. But Silk IS soy! I don't get it.

    1. H,
      No, this Silk is not soy. I reread the ingredients just now like I did before I bought it. It has almonds in it.

  3. I suspect I would be healthier and happier if I laid off nasty refined carbs. Crackers and milk are so delightful but I am all for abstaining when I can.

  4. Urspo,,
    If we all laid off refined carbs, we would be better off, the whole country. I could do without crackers forever, but I want my milk!


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