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Friday, September 23, 2016

Help! I Need Your Mad Computer Skills!

Since I have had my last cataract removed, I am ready for new lenses. This summer, I did finally get the right lens made with a new prescription since I lost the old lens and looked crazy with only one lens. The lost right lens was from before cataract surgery, so I could see better without a lens. Finally, I got the new right prescription. Now, I can get the left lens.

The problem is that I love these glasses/frames that I got in 1998. The doctors said the glasses/lens collections no longer have these I love. My new lens was made to fit the current frames.

They look really crazy with their wonky ear  pieces and twisted front part. I walked all over in them in the gravel driveway while I was searching for them in the car. I did not realize they fell out.

In the meantime, I searched the internet and could not find the frames in the hundreds of thousands of listings.

This is like plea for a lost puppy. I need help in finding another pair of frames. Can anyone help?

Here are the specs for the glasses. Now, this is what the office where they were, ordered back in 1998 told me.

PoloClassic 179
color 1AE (or any)
Eye Size 48 (width of lens)
Bridge 21 (width of part that goes over nose)
Temple 145 (this can be a bit shorter but not much)

Yes, they are Ralph Lauren. I am flexible on the color. The color was tortoise or brown. Now, it is gold because the paint came off. The shape of the lens is what I need to be correct. Of course, the Eye Size and Bridge must be the same.

What is the temple measurement? If it the part that goes from glasses and over the ear, this could be a bit shorter but not much. My new lens will only fit this frame. That is why I need this frame only. Otherwise, I have to buy new lenses and frames. NO, the free frames don't fit.


Your turn
Let me know with a link to the frames. Using my email will be easier since I can just click on the link.


  1. I am zero help with what you are asking, but if you must get new frames and lenses you might want to try Warby Parker online. They have fantastic deals 95ish for frames including the lens

  2. Anne,
    Thanks. I will keep that in mind. If I get different frames, it will mean new lens, too.

    You would not believe the wrong lens that come up in the tens of thousands when I type in the correct information!

  3. Replies
    1. Ur-spo,
      When I find them, I will.

    2. I think I found a few on Ebay. Enter the following numbers in the search bar and see if any of these are what you are looking for.

      172325767881, 272106143275, 331629712269, 122139342057

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