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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Frustrating Friday

Everything started off fine. Exbf brought peanut butter from home because I am out. He knew ahead of time I had one loaf of whole grain wheat bread for a pb sandwich and a bunch of grapes. I had a banana with Miracle Whip and some of his pb and the last cup of milk.

Remember? Friday was the day of my birthday dinner. I had already postponed it once. Friday, I was doing well, no allergy problems.

Walmart had cantaloupes on sale for $.98, so I ran in and picked up a ripe one. As I went by the sample lady, I received a 1" piece of some sort of turkey sausage. My instinct was to spit it out ANYWHERE. No, I chewed and swallowed. I would have had to spit it into my hand! I chewed and swallowed, yessiree.

Disastrous Decision!

As soon as we returned home, I spent the next solid hour in the bathroom. This went on for four hours. In the end, I decided I could not eat out and enjoy it. I might have to spend the whole time in the bathroom.

He ate a cheese sandwich and a large slice of cantaloupe for dinner. I went to bed as soon as he left, slept until he called at 6 pm, saying he was home and I slept until 2:30 am Saturday morning.

I cut and peeled and deseeded the cantaloupe for him and put it in a plastic bag. The last time I sent an unripe cantaloupe home with him, he dropped it, ripened, on the carpet. It split open and splashed all over the place, soaking the carpet before he could get it up. So, he was not volunteering he would just take it and prepare it himself.

He took home his peanut butter, the loaf of whole wheat I cannot eat, and the bag of cantaloupe.

It's 4 am, and I must get up and wash the clothes I wore out yesterday. I cleaned the floor and commode yesterday. My stomach feels as though I never want to eat again.

Even though allergies appear to rule my life, health, and happiness/comfort, I need to listen to the voice in my head that says, "Spit it out." That is what infants and little kids do.

It was only one bite! But, the adult me said, "Don't spit it out."

Your turn
Do you ever have violent reactions to food because of allergies? Do you ever have the urge to spit out food that really does taste okay?


  1. What do you think was in it to cause such a violent reaction?

    1. carol,
      I did not catch the name of the product. However, I could only find Banquet turkey links in the freezer. There was a vague "spices" included in the ingredients. It was early this morning, about 7 am, and I still felt horrible, so I just gave it a cursory look. It tasted spicy hot when I tasted it even though it was cold. It was almost as though it had no more than touched my tongue when I knew it was not going to go well.

  2. I have some food aversions but no downright allergies it must be something to be on guard against one.

    1. URSPO,
      It is embarrassing to have to question people about food. Now, before I did check for anything with heat, asking what pepper it was. Now, I have to determine type of meat, heat, additives, wheat, gums...just not worth asking for one sample.

      Some of my food aversions turned out to be allergies.

  3. Yes, I have terrible food allergies. Never eat samples unless you can see the ingredients first!
    So sorry this happened.
    Patti from Ca

    1. Patti,
      These lessons are hard when I learn the way I do. There are still lingering affects, even on Sunday morning. Sorry about your allergies.


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