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Monday, September 5, 2016

Let Me Repeat

Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali) does not have the nutrition that natural chocolate has! Plus, I have determined that Dutch chocolate (processed with alkali) is something I should NOT eat. I spent a long time with cramps in the bathroom in Walmart. Silk Dark Chocolate "milk" was the culprit!

I told my allergist about the lack of full nutrition in Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali), and he said he was going to have to look into that as he had never heard that. Well, it is all over the internet, so it should not be hard to find.

Plus, I informed him Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali) upset my stomach sometimes. Now, I am positive. Before, I thought it was just chocolate and sugar combined with milk that affected me.

The problem is I like chocolate, even Dutch processed. A Hershey bar or Kisses never have bothered me and both are processed with alkali. So, I have to delve further into this matter.

I am not so sure about the recipe information HERE.  It is Wikipedia!

Here is more information from The Cleveland Clinic. Maybe it is more believable to most people.

I still need to investigate the effects of the Dutched Chocolate on my system. The last link points out that darker chocolate is not necessarily better, depending on how it was processed. Processing with alkali is not the nutritious way to process.

Your turn
Are you allergic to chocolate? If so, have you ever noticed a difference in the type of chocolate that affects you? Do things with chocolate ever send you to the bathroom?


  1. Not allergic to chocolate but Dutched Chocolate gives me a headache so I only use Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder. Since I'm diabetic I don't eat candy but use the cocoa powder in my oatmeal, gotta have the chocolate fix and have used it in plain unsweetened almond milk with a splash of vanilla for chocolate milk.

    Saw little difference in nutrition, except for higher caffeine in plain cocoa powder - used

    1. Brenda,
      I meant things like flavonoids are lower in Dutch chocolate. I didn't mean vitamins. If I ever buy Silk again, I might just put cocoa in it.

      Thanks for the response. I am not the only person around who has a response to Dutced chocolate! I hope I am not allergic to chocolate.

  2. This really got me thinking. I get horrible migraines if I eat chocolate so I avoid it for the most part. When I do break down and eat it I stick to Semi sweet and the best chocolate I can get for a good price. I seem to have a lower reaction to those. I wonder.... Hummm..... may have to investigate this as it might be the kind of chocolate I eat and not just all chocolate. Thanks for giving me something to think about. Take care.

    1. Crystal,
      The revelation about chocolate and my relationship did not come easily or in a flash. I read all labels to finally settle on Nestle Dark Chocolate morsels 53% cacao. I will eat any chocolate chip cookie that comes my way. But, I don't bring just anything home for snacking. Good luck with your search for chocolate that does not give you a migraine. If you figure out that is Dutched chocolate, let me know in an email. Address is at very top of page under blog title. Good luck!

  3. I am beginning to enjoy and appreciate proper chocolate, no rubbish and daresay won't be eating much of the regular stuff anymore.

    1. Urspo,
      Just don't eat Dutch chocolate for maximum benefits and least problems.


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