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Monday, September 26, 2016

Carnation vs Pet Milk

While I am on a roll, have you read the evaporated milk labels lately? YesterdayI saw Carnation evaporated milk was on sale (really) $1. So, I cruised on over and read the label. CARRAGEENAN! And, the label describes it as smooth or creamy, forgot which.

The Pet evaporated milk has milk, sodium something and D3. Carnation had the sodium something, too.

My mother never bought anything but Pet evaporated milk. Thankfully, so do I. It's rarely used around here, but Carnation will never come in the door as long as I have the extra quarter to afford Pet.

I use it when baking lots, pies and cakes. I put it in homemade ice cream. There will be coupons for both, but I will only use the Pet coupon.

You may see me eating these ingredients in a product, but I pick my battles.

Your turn
Have you ever read the ingredient labels on Pet or Carnation Evaporated milk or whatever your country carries?


  1. I have only checked the evaporated milk labels. I am a Pet loyalist, in fact my mom never calls it evaporated milk, She calls it Pet Milk. The only thing I ever check is the expiration date, because evaporated milk can get really funky if it hangs in the pantry too long

    1. Anne,
      Yes! My mother called it Pet milk. Always! So do I. I made the distinction of "evaporated" in case others maybe not in this country would understand. This was the one time I EVER looked at Carnation with an eye to buy. I have had some Pet that got funky, too. I think $1 is the usual price. Pet was only $1.18, and there will be coupons.

  2. I buy whatever is the cheapest- right now it's Winn Dixie in the pantry and no sodium added. I just use it for fudge and never for baking. I don't think I've seen it in a recipe I use.

    1. NAN,
      I never see it in recipes, either. But, I do use Pet milk in place of milk in many thing I have baked--pumpkin pie, cakes, pound cakes, homemade ice cream, anything that calls for milk. Usually, I break it out when I will be baking enough to use up the can.

  3. Funny you should mention this. I am about to go buy me a tin to make Thai Iced tea.

    1. Urspo.
      I did not see this comment until today. How do you make this Thai Iced Tea?


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