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Friday, September 23, 2016

Can The Taste of Real Sugar Boost Brain Power?

Can the taste of real sugar boost brain power?

When I taught GED, I highly encouraged students to suck on a Life Saver Pep-O-Mint. Those who listened told me they stayed awake better, did not get sluggish, and still had energy.

One girl told me it did not help at all, just made her sleepy. I asked her what she took with her. She took her favorite flavor--Butterscotch. One took an artificially sweetened mint. Along with the sugar, peppermint in this particular  Life Saver Pep-O- Mint helps the brain.  I use these when I drive at night to help me stay awake.

Click Here to see the results of the research.  And, don't binge on sugar to be smarter! At the university, I would suck on a lollipop of some kind during tests.

Your turn
Can you tell the difference in brain power or performance when you taste sugar? I can!


  1. I knew those Hershey's nuggets served a purpose!

    1. Anne,
      After those nuggets, I should have super brain powers! Since I cannot bend or lift anything after the cataract surgery, I have not made those cute packages. To find the papers/cardstock, I need to lift or bend and dig around. I just eat the nuggets!

  2. I avoid nasty sugar - most of the time, then I go ape on Gummi-Bears. Oh the embarrassment.

    1. urspo,
      Your brain power must be phenomenal after a good dose of Gummi Bears.


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