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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eight Meat Portions for $2.49

Walmart marks down the $5.98 " permanent mark down to $4.98" rotisserie chickens later in the evening. I just happened to walk by and saw one left, marked down again and snagged it for $2.49. I ripped out the breast, enough for four generous helpings for me. Then, I froze the rest for exbf. He said he gets four meals from the remains.

Actually, I don't get out all the breast meat since he will pick it out and loves the breast.

The tray had "juice" and a piece of some sort of chicken in it. That yummy tray was saved for Dominique. Oats soaked up some of the liquid. The rest of a peach and tomato and all the remains of the mutilated Brussel's sprouts was her meal. She was one happy hen. I suppose that means nine portions from one rotisserie hen.

Exbf will return the carcass for Dominique to finish. Ten portions? No, I will leave it at eight portions.

No, I won't boil the carcass! But, it is lovely if you do! I do not throw it away, though.

In terms of people food, that's $0.32 a portion for meat/protein. Plus, I get two free chicken protein portions. I am quite sure it is more tasty than the protein in bags, not to mention healthier. Since I don't buy protein for Dominique yet she gets some, I am going to lower that meat protein per serving to $0.30. Okay?

When I buy meat, I always figure two things: cost per pound at purchase and cost per portion before or after eating. My top cost per pound is $2 or under. At that price, the price per portion will be just a mind exercise to prove I am doing well when I shop and spend wisely. There is always something left for Dominique.

Your turn
Do you figure the cost per person for protein? If so, what kind of cost do you shoot for? How do you decide the cost for meat derived protein? have you ever bought a yummy rotisserie chicken? Do you use the carcass of a bought or home cooked chicken?


  1. I am a boil the carcass for broth person. I figure the cost more on a per meal basis than pound price, but I always keep that in mind too. Today Sprouts had their boneless, skinless chicken breasts BOGO, but they were priced at 4.99 per pound which would make it 2.50 lb. if buying 2 packs of equal weight. But, their sale price on these breasts is 1.77 lb. Why would I buy them today at a higher price when they will be on sale again and I won't have to buy 2 packs

  2. I have not looked at Sprouts today. I was going to get the $1.77 lb pack yesterday, but price matched at WM. Since I did not feel well, I just let it go until next time. $2.50 is definitely not my price. They have pork loin for $1.77. Yes, I looked mid sentence. I forgot I cannot eat pork!!! I did not see the chicken on the sale ad at my location or I missed it. I can get that and put it in the crockpot.

    I, like you, figure the prices instead of buying at a higher price.

  3. Our Walmart Neighborhood store reduces rotisserie chicken and other cooked meats after 8:30am - we get there around 9am and sometimes score. Yesterday it was 2 chickens @ $2.49 each, 2 ribs one @ $2. and one @ $2.43 each giving 3 servings. We figure price per serving and anything precooked under $1.50 works and anything under $2. uncooked works as you have to figure in shrinkage from loss of natural juices. Husband gets 5 servings from each chicken (I eat no animal products) so the cost per serving is $.50 and for the 6 servings of ribs $.70 - a super great deal!! And it's 2 weeks of dinners and 2 lunches/Sunday brunches.

    1. My Walmart reduces the prices in the evening about 8:30pm. But, there are no ribs! Plus, it is hot. Your WM must sell the cooked meat cold. Your husband must not be eating just because it is there and cheap. Wise move!

      My exbf prefers the breast and was not happy I was serving him thigh with no intention of giving him any breast when I cooked for him ten years ago. I explained I will not eat anything but the breast, so his eating the thigh would work for me and my budget. Now, I do serve him breast when I buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I even send one or two home. But, if I have an extremely cheap pack of thigh/leg quarters, he gets one here and takes the rest home. Often, this is twenty or more meals for him.

      I am not supposed to eat mammal products.

  4. I don't have a Walmart with a deli close by, but when I do go there I'm gonna have to time it in the morning to see if I can get some of this reduced meat.

    BTW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog,Linda.

    1. live,
      My deli sells reduced rotisserie chickens at 8:30 PM. Brenda's sell reduced cooked meat in the AM. You will have to ascertain whether yours reduces cooked meat in AM or PM.

      You are welcome. Visit me again.

  5. Our rotisserie chickens are $4.99 always. But they mark them down. We have too many people here and there are never any left.
    I boil the bones. It makes amazing rice.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      The rotisserie chickens are always $4.98 here, too. It's a permanent rollback. They don't advertise the $2.49 price. You have to just know it!

      You boil the bones and use the broth to make rice?


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