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Friday, September 9, 2016

I Need Competition

When I give Dominique food, she just sometimes looks at me as if to say, "Huh? This is it?" She dives right in most of the time, but sometimes she is very tentative.

This makes me think back to when I had four hens. They each would dive in and get a piece of bread or scrap of chicken or vegetables and then beat a swift retreat to one of the four corners of their pen. I wish I had made a video of this action.

Chickens are very competitive. But, Dominique has no competition! I need some competition out in the chicken yard.

When the children were small, we had Puppy who was the most jealous and competitive dog I have ever seen. My neighbor behind me would put out two plates of food on his patio each evening for our cat and dog. I was looking out the window as Puppy arrived well ahead of our cat, Cat. Puppy went to one plate and sniffed it. She then went to the other, identical plate and took the baked potato from it, deposited it on her plate next to her baked potato and started eating.

No one would name the cat and dog, so they remained Cat and Puppy. When we got another dog, I named him. I gave the rest of the household a week or so, maybe three days to name the second dog. Finally, I named him Rudolph. Everyone in the house moaned and groaned but no one had a name. So, his name stayed, shortened by me to Rudy.

Dominique needs some competition at the feed! Or, is it best she eats at her leisure?

Your turn
Do you have animals who are competitive? With food or your lap?


  1. I think Dominique probably bored too.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I think so, too. But, if I get a grown hen, they will fight ALL the time. If I get a smaller, younger bird, she will torment it. I may just throw in a limb.


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