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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why My Panties are in the Refrigerator

cool panties

Today, I was trying to get more food into the refrigerator. But, there was a bag with a soft blob in it. ???  Bending is hard for me, especially with a half gallon of orange juice. I clawed it open and found about a dozen pair of  wet panties.
I washed them and could barely stand to go out in the yard in the humidity and the heat. So, I carried them out and decided two pair were enough for now. Besides, scattered thunderstorms were predicted, and I was leaving the house for about two hours.
The solution--twist the bag shut and store in the refrigerator so they would not sour or pick up food odors. My back hurt so that even standing to hang them in the house was more than I could bear. I think this was the day after the wayward hen escapade. I will relate that later.
In the South in the summer, Mama washed, dried, and starched Daddy's white shirts prior to ironing them. She then sprinkled them with a Coke bottle sprinkler. When she was tired, ran out of time, or whatever, she stored the other starched and dampened in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. She could finish the onerous ironing chore next morning before the pre-air conditioned summer in Jackson, MS made it unbearable.  Actually, storing the sprinkled shirts helped the moisture to penetrate through the shirts.
Now, the panties are out in the less humid air we are experiencing in the South today.
Your turn
Have you ever stored wet clothing in the refrigerator to keep it from souring in the heat? Did you or your mother store starched and sprinkled shirts in the refrigerator? 


  1. My partner's mother used to put their pyjamas in the freezer on very hot days. When they went to bed for a little while at least they had blissfully cool jammies.

  2. As a young girl in the 50's and 60's I remember shirts, blouses, dresses sprinkled and rolled up and put in the fridge and then ironed. The ironing had to be done in one day as my mom never allowed anything to stay in the fridge more than one day.

    1. tana,
      Well, that was the idea, but I do remember things ironed early the next morning before the heat incapacitated us all.

  3. "Have you ever stored wet clothing in the refrigerator to keep it from souring in the heat?"

    Not I said the goat with the curly horn.

    1. Snowbrush,
      And, I bet it is a impressive curly horn.

  4. Not regular laundry. My mother did put the ironing in the frig so the moisture from the sprinkled clothes would permeate.

    1. Jane, Yep! Same here. Soon, she allowed me to do the sprinkling.


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