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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let There Be Light (Incandescent)

added to the stash
No, I won't give up my incandescent bulbs. This makes 20 to add to the 68 (I think) that I bought earlier. I still know where there are more. At the rate I use 60 watt bulbs, I have enough to last for years. The guy said these were $0.38/bulb. That may not be right, but cost + tax was about $8.

CFL bulbs emit UV rays, so I say "No, thank you." to cancer. LED bulbs emit light that is too harsh. Plus, the bulbs are way too expensive yet. CFL are still fluorescent and cause me problems like all fluorescent bulbs do.

I have never heard of this brand, so I am trusting they will last.

The only bulbs I can use are 130V. Our electricity in this town is supposed to be delivered at 120V, but since the power company does not regulate it, sometimes there are surges that burn out 120V bulbs, sometimes weekly, often monthly. After an electrician told me to switch to 130V, I rarely blow a bulb, maybe once a year or less in each fixture.

There are only about ten bulbs in the house that I use for more than 3-15 minutes. So, the cost is negligible to me. Yes, I do know there are other costs to be counted other than my utility bill.

I do have a CFL spotlight outdoors. Spotlights only come in CFL! At this point, I am switching all my flashlights to LED. Plus, I have some LED tea light candles. When I sent my daughter a six pack of those, her daughter used one for the light on a train she made for school. So, there is no telling if she still has them in one place. sigh But, I don't really mind her using them for whatever she needs.

Yes, I know incandescent bulbs produce heat. In the winter that is a good thing in this house. In the summer, days have more hours of sunlight, so I am not using fixtures in an attempt to create light.

Your turn
Do you still use incandescent bulbs or have you switched to CFL or LED? Do your bulbs burn out too often? Have you tried using 130V bulbs to fix that problem? Does it worry you that CFL bulbs emit UV rays? Do you like melanoma?


  1. I find the question, "Do you like melanoma? rather offensive. No one LIKES melanoma.

    1. Jane,
      I was not trying to offend anyone. However, some people swear by their CFLs and do not mind if their young children live under them.

  2. Incandescent bulbs have been banned here. We have to go to the expensive alternatives. Which still burnt out.

    1. EC,
      The bulbs cannot be made here or imported, but the ones already in existence and in the US can be sold. Yes, they do burn out. I did put one in a place not often used at all, and it burned out.

  3. We changed all our bulbs over. The savings on our electric bill was noticeable.

    1. ltw,
      I changed ones in the basement, a place I rarely go and never stay long at all. I am sure with the few lights I use that the savings would be noticeable. But, I am glad it worked for you. Did you get LED or CFL?

  4. I use incandescent bulbs. I don't turn on lights very much. I use little night lights so I can navigate the house, and a reading lamp when I have a book out. My bulbs seldom burn out. I'd rather not have melanoma. I've never seen that brand before. I hope they're good quality.


    1. Janie,
      I have the bedroom light on about five minutes each day. The kitchen and by my chair lights are used mostly. And, one of my floodlights outside is still incandescent. Night lights are nice. But, since my cataracts have gotten so bad, I cannot depend on a night light. But, in the next month, both eyes should have the cataracts removed.

      I have never seen that brand before, either. I got them at an electrical supply store. I think I will open one package and use both the bulbs and see how they look and how they last.

  5. I'm still using incandescents in the barn, coop, and garage- where they're most likely to get broken.

    I have one LED bulb in my bed side lamp. Love it. So far it's totally kicking the CFL's for long lasting. We're into the second year. The CFLs never last that long for me. It's a softer light, less harsh on the eyes, not at all like LED flashlights.

    I have wall mounted solar lights in most of the windows now- basically as night lights. They all work variously well at different points of the year, depending on the amount of sun they're getting.

    I have a cheap chandelier in the kitchen that takes those miniature odd shaped incandescents. It's great when the house is cool in the winter, but terrible in the summer.

    The bathroom fixture also takes those odd little bulbs, but I managed to find some CFLs that would fit it, allowing me to raise the wattage. The fixture was only for 25W bulbs, so it always seemed dark in there. With the CFLs it's still under the 25W, but much brighter.

    The rest are CFLs for now. I will replace them with more LEDs as they become more affordable, or with whatever new technology comes out.

    I'm more concerned with the mercury than the UV, but then I rarely have much skin exposed.

  6. Wendy,
    So, you use a mixture. It is good to know the LEDs for home use are not so harsh.

    My lamp with three bulbs that is beside me now gets warm in the summer. At least I can only use one 60-watt bulb to remove some of the heat source. In the winter it is so cold in here that I certainly do not feel discomfort.

    The wall-mounted solar is interesting. I think that topic would make an interesting post.

    LEDs will ultimately win. I am glad to hear your experiences and use of all three.

    The mercury bothers me, too, especially for those with children.. Thanks for the very interesting comment.


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