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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Backyard Report

Nope, no pics. Exbf and I went car shopping. I had not slept all night. So, it was a trial for me. We found nothing to buy.

We were so hot, broke for lunch, came home, and had a hot dog. We went out again and returned. Nothing. I had a nap. He had things to do. He allowed me to sleep three hours like I asked. He has lost the part on the weed eater, so that did not get done. But, he did get my mangled greenhouse upright. And, I am going to go to bed as soon as I finish telling you what he said the hens were doing.

He said the little ones were lying on their sides, just lying in the cool grass, stretched out in the shade, the deepest shade in the yard. He said they looked dead. Patsy Cline was lying on her side, but he said she had her wing pulled up like we would raise and arm over our face and lie sleeping. I suppose she is not just holding her wings out and down, but pulled that one up for more ventilation.

It is only about 5:30, but they are in the pen with oats, scraps of spinach, kale, and tomatoes, chicken from exbf's salad and some of his corn. He had changed their boxes with new pine straw. Last week, I gave exbf two chicken breasts and corn I had cut off the cob. He brought most of it back for their breakfast because he took it out of the refrigerator, fixed a meal, and forgot to return the rest to the refrigerator. So, they ate well this morning, spent 8.5 hours foraging, and cooling themselves.

Night, night. The ac will be blowing right on me, how I will stay cool for the rest of the day/night.

Your turn
How are your animals cooling themselves?


  1. Car shopping. Does ANYONE enjoy doing that?

    1. Lotta joy,
      Not in this heat and with no sleep!

  2. Car shopping? Bleah. Though I don't like any shopping (except books and plants).
    Stay cool - and I hope you get some rest tonight.

  3. EC,
    We found one place reluctant to even show us around. We did not look THAT poor. We both would rather shop for books, and I would not have minded shopping for plants.

    I slept 7.5 hours, my must have hours. I didn't even awake to go to the bathroom.

  4. My poor cows spent most of the day standing in the pond up to their shoulders! The chickens did about what yours did and the goats left and stayed gone most of the far as the animals went yesterday they were all very quiet!

  5. country life,
    I did not know cows would just stand in the pond. The chickens like standing in muddy areas. I should have made some mud for them. The goats must find a shady place. Thanks for the comment and the cow information.

  6. It's been hot here too. We were invited to a birthday party, but the people have NO shade and I just couldn't stand the thought of sitting there cooking in the sun, so I let the kids have the soda and chips we were going to bring to the party and then we headed to our swimming is much cooler down there. I guess we kind of had our own party :)

    1. MM,
      The sun was too brutal to be not have any shade. Soda, chips, and a dip would have cooled me right down. You would have scorched in the sun and heat yesterday. We are getting more cool weather this coming week. It has been such a strange July.

  7. Ewwww, car shopping!
    And send me some warm weather it is outright cold here.

  8. Sonya Ann,
    We are only going to be in the 70s tomorrow, so I am not sure how warm that will seem. Ewwwww is right. I was very tired of it after the first twenty minutes. We are going out again this Thursday when he comes to town. Ugh! If someone would fix meals that day, I would be okay with driving around and eating. But, that won't happen.

  9. Stay cool, Linda!

    My chickens used to lay down in the dirt, mid-dirt bath. I'd look out at them and tell my boy, "Hey...our chickens have run out of gas."


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