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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dollar General Gas Station

Dollar General Market with gas station
About two months ago, Dollar General in Hanceville, Alabama, opened the first fuel station in the nation. This particular station is about seven miles from me. Next time I go that way, I will compare gas prices with the other stations in the area.
Not only is this a Dollar General, it also has a Market. It was very difficult to get it all in one shot. However, over the gas pumps at the right, you can barely make out "Dollar General" in yellow and "Market" in green. "Dollar General" is right over the "Market" sign on the front of the building at the right.
better crop showing signs
Dollar General is giving Walmart a run for its money. Our Supercenter here has fuel pumps. Our Walmart Supercenter has a full grocery and car place that does different work.
As for fuel and car service, I do not use Walmart. No electric cart is required by me for buying fuel and getting car repairs.
I think the Dollar Generals with a Market are helping solve the problem of food deserts. Maybe not. I digress.
Your turn
Have the Dollar Generals in your area initiated the move to have a Market to offer fresh fruits and vegetables? Does your area have Supercenters with fuel stations? Grocery? Car Center?


  1. Never heard of a Dollar General market or gas station! I'm not a huge fan of DG; it's really not any cheaper than traditional retailers. For groceries, I MUCH prefer Aldi. I get gas at QT or the grocery store here when I have "rewards" built up. If I do go to a dollar store, I opt for Dollar Tree, where most items really are $1.

    1. Dollar General stores have a store every mile of so in the country and city and cater to people who live in a food desert and have no way to get to a store like you and I can. However, there are certain items that cannot be beat most places. Dollar Tree has some great deals. I only went in a Dollar General Market just once to see what it was like and don't remember prices. But, if this is the alternative to shopping in convenience stores, it is a good choice because vegetables are scarce for people who do not have a car or gas to get to town. These neighborhood stores are not for you. Also, people who can go to Walmart prefer to shop in a smaller store due to not having to walk as much.

      I went to Dollar General to find a phone cord that was no longer carried at Walmart, KMart, or the electronics stores in town or the Electrical Supply house.

      Often when in Dollar General, I see people who can buy you and me a dozen times over. They know what the bargains are and just buy those. They have gone there for years. I can buy milk cheaper at Dollar General than any other place in town.

      The receipt always has a coupon for $5 off a $25 order. Now, by using coupons, only buying the real bargains, and getting my milk there, I can find real savings three blocks from me. But, I have never used the $5 coupon, which is stupid and does not make good money cents.

      I don't shop Aldi's because of their attitude the first day I went in there. Dollar Tree is only good for certain items because of the low quality and made in China things they sell. Foil is thinner and more fragile than plastic wrap. I bought a mirror, some mesh bags for washing delicates and found the price excellent and both held up. Gift bags are cheap! But, I don't need them as I buy new ones for less at yard sales.

      Maybe you did not know that in the country, there is a Dollar General on a desolate corner about every two miles, walkable if necessary, cheaper on gas, and convenient. This is just the first one that sells gasoline.

      Where is live one is three blocks from me, one mile from me, and three miles from me. That is in a small town. Only the one seven miles from me sells gasoline. A lot of people run on fumes, so it is good to have a gas station near them.

    2. I meant to say toward the end of the first paragraph "some people who go to Dollar General prefer to shop in a smaller store due to less walking."

  2. I have noticed how many DG's there are in the country when traveling. If I had no where else to go, I'd shop there. But since I have choices I prefer not to.

    I usually only buy cards & wrapping material at Dollar Tree, never food or hygiene products.

    It's a shame you dislike Aldi, I absolutely LOVE it. Even got my BF switched over. I start my shopping at Aldi, get specific products at the regular grocery store, & get meat from the BF. I rarely shop at Walmart (unless it's a product I need ASAP or the price is far below anywhere else I can get it) due to the piss poor customer service out here & out of support for small business. *The company tried to build a 3 Walmarts within a 10 mile radius of our town. The city shot it down.

    Growing up, Aldi was known as the "poor" folks store since it didn't have name brand. In fact, I got in a heated discussion with a TOP LEVEL manager in my company who swore Aldi only stocked foods that fell of the back of a truck. I politely tried to explain their business model & brands of foods to him (I even did a case study in college), he didn't believe me. Aldi has come a long way in terms of types of food (i.e. they even carry a lot of whole wheat products now!) and cleanliness. Some stores are better than others, depending where you live. You gotta be on your toes there though, it's a fast paced environment when checking out (that's part of their business model). And there's no motorized carts.

  3. Oh and by the way.. I understand Walmart has it's place. I used to shop there a lot in college. But trying to tear down several successful small businesses to put in another one (with one 5 minutes away) is a bit much.

    1. You are correct. Walmart does damage. But, after all the sewing businesses here closed after being sent overseas, at least many people have jobs. Walmart's ethics are to be questioned.


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