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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Magicjack plus Newest Model 2014 + Six Month of Free Service Magic Jack
The new 2014 MagicJack

I may have mentioned this a long time ago, but I finally did it. I now have MagicJack. Then, after I hooked it up, but before I had a chance to cancel my home phone from AT&T, I got a bill for $99. I called and told them to cancel my phone service. They begged me for two hours to let them make everything right and give me deals.

We discussed how that bill was wrong, and that I probably owed about $7. The agent told me not to pay it until I got a final bill. Today, I received a check for $20.16. I read and reread the paper it was attached to. "Refund of credit on final bill." That was puzzling. I thought surely they meant I owed $20.16.

For the first time since 1954, I no longer have Bell South or some other Bell or AT&T. It feels strange. My parents got the phone line in 1954. When I was married Bell Something was what we used. Well, there was nothing else.

I did not tell you how this all started. No one believes what AT&T did. That is another story, a long story.

MagicJack can be taken when a person travels, even to Europe and all calls with be local to US calls, not long distance charges.

Anyway, I went from a $23 bill + all they add to make it nearer $33/month bill to a $3/ bill. That is a savings of $30/month!

$30x12=$360 a year I will save. Sweet!

Your turn
Have you broken up with AT&T for a cheaper alternative? Do you have MagicJack? Are you happy with it? Any problems?


  1. I would break up with AT&T in a moment if John didn't insist on all those sports channels . He may be making his own decisions pretty soon and I may be headed to a breakup with AT&T along with a huge penalty.Considering that I just agreed to a contract. If I cancel they are going to stick it to me. Oh Well!

    1. Call and complain continually. Never renew anything. If they are not serving you well, you can probably argue that you should not pay. I have assured them I will slam them on my blog and in person to everyone I know. When I am forced to sit in the aTT store, I entertain the customers around me with my tales of horrible service. Tell them that you are going to complain to BBB and FCC. I had no contract, so I did not have to threaten that. But, I will call BBB when I am free.

  2. We have not had a land line for 3 yrs. we use our cellphones.

    Lisa @centralfloridathrifter

    1. Lisa,
      Smart move. I just took awhile to get smart!

  3. Congratulations! I don't have a land line.


  4. Sweet savings indeed. Congratulations.

    1. EC,
      I have other places for that money!

  5. I had a break up with At&t about a year ago. They would take the charge off of my phone bill for long distance access even though we NEVER made a long distance call there. Why would we when there was no charge for one made using the cell phone. After about 3 months of no charge it would appear back on the bill. I got tired of fighting with the and now have Charter. Except those occasions when the power is out, there is no difference in quality

    1. Anne,
      I had the same sort of experience with added charges. Charter is what I will get for internet.

  6. I can't recall the phone company we had. However, living in the South I'm sure it was Bell. Canx it and use 2 Trac Fones. Went from $30+ a month bill and an overwhelming amount of telemarketing calls to $16 a month (both phones) and 0 unwanted calls.

    The cable company was next. Seemed each month they'd have some sort of new fee. I found Amazon Prime streaming for $79 a YEAR! Plus, FREE 2-day shipping for items bought. Plenty of shows we want to watch are included, free. Some of the newer ones we can buy for less than $2 an episode. Or, can rent a current movie for $4 - $7. Had to buy a streaming device (Roku, $60) We bought a couple digital antennas for local broadcast channels. Reception comes and goes's FREE.

    Cable bill went from $230 a MONTH (internet/TV) to, they're upping the price to $99 a YEAR for TV and $51.40 a month internet. You can do the math - it's a huge savings and we haven't missed cable TV at all.

    Now, what to do about that internet bill?


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