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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Little Chicks to Big Pen

cage for outdoors
This little cage is certainly no protection against predators. So, it keeps them safe from the big girls. I could leave the cage open and the little ones in while the big ones could roam.  Patsy Cline did not want them there. She did not want to leave the pen. She quit laying. This was a month ago, and I have seen about three eggs from her! Thelma, five years old has given me five eggs this past week. 

eating a Nooks and Crannies muffin
After I put them outdoors, I made them a little sleeping area in case they did not like the night air. Well, I sneaked out and they like sleeping on top of the box...sigh. I try so hard. After I had this all set up like this, exbf put in a bunch of leaves or pine straw and I put a water bowl in the pen. 

See the door in the box?
Look at the tail of the middle chick. See how it is damp looking? They all looked damp when in the house. Since then, they look dry like they should. I think I tried too hard to keep them warm when they were warm enough.
I kept them in this setup for about five days. I don't have the room and equipment to put anything larger in here and keep them dry. I do have a nice setup given to me, but have to provide a top/tarp to make it snug.
Your turn
Did you provide a safe place for your little ones when added to the big ones? 


  1. Love them - and am tickled by the fact that, like cats (or I understand children) they know better than you what they want, and what is good for them. And are sometimes right.

  2. When I put the first ten out into a little makeshift, unsafe pen, I put a Rubbermaid bin in with them. It had a hole cut in the side so they could find refuge. The first one to stick her head inside, rushed away. They all looked at the door hole like it was a demon that was going to get them. I went out in the middle of the night and they were huddled on the ground.

    When it rained, they all ran inside and slept there. They were much younger than these, but with ten, you get desperate to get them their own space, a bigger space!

    These babies would run the streets if I allowed They have minds of their own, but they are still ruled by food. I use

  3. I have a corner of the coop fenced off with larger holed wire, so when the little ones join the big ones they have a space where they can escape.

    Their feathers have come in nicely. Still cute!

  4. Wendy,
    That is a good idea. The big ones were soooo hostile that I don't think the little ones would have ever made it to escape. Chickens are serious and hostile. Yes, when those feathers start to come in, it seems like they grow in really thick overnight.


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