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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


dead ants

These dead tiniest of ants are the result of two weeks of dealing with them with Terro.  They are at the site of the poison. Thousands of others left with poison. Let me tell you, again, that Terro is the best ant killer around, just sugar and borax and water. However, the stream of ants up the wall was non-ending and five ants wide. There was another problem.
As usual, a vine was touching the house. The wisteria had would its way up the banister on one side of the side steps. It is an ANT SUPERHIGHWAY. Once I ripped the wisteria away, the two-week tide was stemmed. It took three days after that before the flow of ants stopped.
tiny box
I have tried to mix my own sugar-borax solution, but somehow, even with the recipes on the internet, I fail. So, this little bottle 4" bottle from Lowe's works for me.  
At the same time, ants invaded the kitchen sink and counters. For about 10 days, I depended on the ant poison and then remembered these tiny ants come in on foliage touching the house. Cutting back leaves and branches touching the house were the cure of the influx, once again. But, I did not cut things immediately. You don't have to mutilate a bush or tree, just cut off what touches the house.
One warning
The bottle is tiny. The fluid is clear. The bottle is clear. The bottle above is the third I have bought in June. Put the bottle back into the box so you can find it. I can find the other two boxes, but since I did not put the bottle back, the bottle has disappeared. Of course, a lot of that is my vision and inability to bend a lot to search.
Right price
The bottle is about $2.50. A little pool the size of a dime is just about right. But, you can see I used more to accommodate all the ants. On the sinks, I place the poison directly on the sink. I also squirt it in cracks, too. The box comes with little circles to use, but Borax is relatively harmless to humans, so I just wipe it up with a dishcloth that goes into the wash where I use Borax without fear.
 My two-prong approach: use Terro and get greenery off the house. It works.

Yes, I need to clean beside the faucet, but there were ants there. I am a wimp, terrified by any ant since fire ants got on both legs. So, sue me for the sink cleaning.

Very few ants ever remain at the site of the poison. I suppose some don't want to share with the ants who stayed home. This is the most who ever died on the spot.

Your turn
I know I have posted about this before, but this recurring problem each summer led me to think that you, too, might need a reminder. Has anyone used the Terro and had success? Did you try to get even one leaf from touching your house?


  1. We have lots of ants. And not a lot of vegetation directly touching the house. I think it is the cat food which is the temptation. And ants on my toothbrush did my head in.
    I don't think we have Terro - but will keep an eye out for it. Lots of our ant killers are very, very toxic - to everything. So I don't use them.

  2. EC,
    It only takes one tendril touching or one small branch touching the house, unfortunately! I don't think there is any temptation causing these ants to come in. They just wander around on the bathroom sink and wall, never stopping at all. They don't go after toothpaste, my toothbrush or the bag of chick food on the floor. It's insane.

    Now the ones who come for food rarely enter the house. If they do, they stay with food and don't wander the walls. Crazy. If ants are attracted to the cat food, they are probably looking for protein.

    You may have another brand available there with the same ingredients, so a little shopping, asking, or an internet search may be what it takes to find it.

    This is what my parents used when I was little. I guess that they either knew it was not so toxic or that it was cheap or just effective. Those are three reasons to purchase it.

    We have those really toxic ant killers, too. I used this when ants were attacking my 100-yr-old oak tree. I put the poison under something so it would not be diluted sitting by the tree when it rained. It worked on huge ants. The tree was not killed.

  3. OMGosh - I could hug you for this advice. We don't have near the problem [number of ants] that you do, but they are driving me bonkers in this new house - [new to us]. We weeded and mulched outside the windows, but short of bleach - I can't find anything.

    I am looking for Tero tomorrow.

    And btw - I don't have your email - so I can't detail my health problems. Most Tadpoles know, and I will get around to updating, but it is illness that makes me lose the weight [now] and the meds. I have to take some drastic stuff to keep me "going" that's what it is. It is always nice to see you Linda. :)


    Hope you solve the ant problem as easily as I did.

  5. I've been battling ants in the kitchen for many months now, they just walk right past the ant baits i bought and i am not keen to be buying heaps of different poisons to try so i opt for mechanical removal (homicidal dishcloth)
    On a bad day it's hard to keep them under control in any way so I resort to a tray of water with susceptible foods balanced precariously above the water bath.
    Our ants come directly in from the ground under the house and up the frame.
    I seem to be winning at the moment, they will eventually disappear and I will forget them until the next onslaught


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