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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dressed Like a Cow

exbf with his cow nose and ears
plus other stuff on his chest, some cow spots
Notice the two guys at the table behind.
"Turn to the side to show your ear and nose."
We taped the ears on our glasses.
The Chic-Fil-A site had five printable pages with ears, nose, tail, hair bows, two medalions for chest, spots, and other decorations for customers. Oh, we wore tails, too. 
cow apron and wearing a cow bell
Notice the two guys behind her, sitting with the guys above.

the whole cow and cow bell
painted shoes, apron
These two women are friends. They brought a cow print table cloth and proudly put it on the table.
cow flyswatter and cow fan they made

plus cow print napkins and plates

Lawton's mother taped the cow nose into a cup shape
 and taped it onto his pacifier.
Sooo cute!

ladies brought a cow candle

big cows hugged her
Do you see that turquoise book in front of her? That is a picture album. That woman has cow stuff all over her house! She handed me the book when I took a picture of her tablecloth. "I just love cows." I didn't even look at the whole thing and it was mind-boggling at the amount of cow items she has in her house, all the rooms, just crowded together. Management really fussed over these two women.
Friday, we received the full meal. I got the chicken sandwich and he got nuggets, both had waffle fries and drink. Watching the little children was fun  for us. Some were dressed in cute outfits and others were just in awe. All were mostly well-behaved.  They were in awe of the full cow costumes on the employees.  The little ones pointed and showed them to parents. We got a good seat for this.
There was a table of four guys who are in the first and third pictures. Go look at them. Back now? Those guys just came in to eat. I was facing them. Little by little, they became fascinated with the event. They pulled out their phones, started taking pictures and sending the pictures. Soon, they were paying more attention to cow-dressed customers than their meals.

The two women in the picture above, customers in the booth, tried to stay aloof from all the fun. I think they were afraid a cow spot might land on them if they looked happy or smiled at the children. They managed to keep a proper bored look on their faces the whole time.

We had a good time, ate, and I cooked chicken for dinner...sigh... and served with corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes. Exbf went home with two full chicken breasts for future meals. I still have a pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts to cook today and freeze. ugh At least, I won't have to cook those meats/meals when he comes. I think there are six cooked breasts in the refrigerator for sandwiches, salads or other dishes.

Cow items to wear will be on my radar at yard sales now!

I am coughing too much to even proofread and edit.

There is a new roaming chicken post with pictures at my house just previous to this post. Yes, two posts in one day.

Your turn
Did you go today to get your meal? Have you ever seen so much cow paraphernalia?


  1. Love the cow paraphernalia. And fun. And there isn't enough fun in this world to waste any of it.
    It is about 6.30 here, and still dark. I think we will be staying home today - a cold one. Starting at minus 4, and possibly reaching double figures (centigrade).

  2. EC,
    You are so right about the fun and wasting it. There are rarely any laughs or frivolity in fast food, so it was good to see people dressing up and having a good time.

    That is coooold. It was about 95 F here today and at 6 pm is still 91 and so humid.

    I have to get corn out of the car and shuck that, about 12 ears. It's too hot...whine...whine...whine. And, there are groceries to get in. Why don't I have a maid?

  3. Having fun is what it is all about. It doesn't matter what others think as long as you are not hurting them. You laugh... let them socff.

    1. Coffeypot,
      We had fun. We laughed just out of joy. On the way out to the car, a much older couple got out of the car. EXBF said the guy looked at me and followed me for the full length of a car and beyond. He spoke to his wife who turned and stared at me. I did not know this until we got into the car. I wish I could have seen the looks on their face when they went into CFA.

      Last year, I went there alone. This year, he just happened to be coming on the right day. Next year, I will be more prepared for fun.

  4. We had to drive to Toledo last time we had a Chik-Fil-A.
    And that was in a food court.
    Can't understand not having one in all of Michigan.

    1. At one time, CFA were only found in malls, not even in the food court, but in the mall with shops flanking it. I remember the first CFA outside a mall in a building of its own. It was a glorious day. I rarely ever go there because of the cost and calories.

  5. Well, where's the picture of you?? A friend of mine once mentioned she liked cows. Much to her dismay, from that day forward she always got cows for gifts. Her kitchen was overflowing with cows everywhere. The same thing happened to me when I said I liked frogs.

    1. I had the camera, so there was no picture of me, as usual. My friend had two Scotties. She was a little shocked when people would give her things with Scotties on them or give her pictures or figurines, towels. She bemoaned the fact she did not know how to stem the tide of Scotty stuff. Finally, she just decorated a bathroom in a Scotty theme.

      I have a two or three foot long wooden fish. Someone remarked, "Oh, you collect fish?" I very pointedly said, "NO, I don't collect fish at all. I just happened to like THAT fish." I could just see people giving me fish for the house.

      I say that I like lamps. So far, I have never gotten a

  6. Damn I was hoping to see a photo of you too, dressed as a cow of course. I once sold a cow apron on ebay. That's about as exciting as my cow life gets. Oh, I forgot the cows in a field near our house got out and we had to put them in our field along with 2 horses for a day.

    1. LL,
      I put a picture of me in cow attire another year when I was at a friend's house and asked her to take a picture. It appears my cow experience is maybe a tad more than Maybe next year, I will get a picture of me in cow attire.


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