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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Awww! Group Cuddle

all four in the box
Up until Saturday night I had only seen the little ones on the table on which this Rubbermaid box sits. Tonight, I went out to shut up their pen when it was barely light. All four hens came pouring from the box to eat the bit I brought. It is a sure bet they will want food at any time!

So, I went out at midnight to take a picture. Thelma was hanging out of the box and complaining. That's why you cannot see her head. Patsy Cline was moving around. I took six pictures and this is the best. You can see the little ones are relegated to the back of the box.

On Saturday the big ones were pecking the little young ones. Obviously, they put all disagreement behind them at bedtime.

Your turn
Do your chickens have times they peck and times they are friends? Or, do  any of your animals have a peace treaty for some times and all out war at other times?


  1. Awww is right. They are so cute. And I love that bed time is truce time.

    1. EC,
      I am so glad you appreciated their cuteness and cuddling. Peace at bedtime is always good. I wish I had a video camera out there to catch all this.


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