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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Grocery Ads This Week and Savings

Part of the haul this week
still on the counter at WM

This is the last night of the ad prices for this week. So, with the AT&T refund money, I went shopping. In parentheses are the regular prices.

1 pint cherry tomatoes--$0.99 (4.38)

Vidalia onions--$0.68/lb. ($1.28/lb)

Bell peppers--$0.50 each (no idea)

Cherries--$1.95/lb. ($2.49)

bananas--$0.44/lb. ($.57)

Total for everything in the picture--$10.53+$0.95 tax=$11.48

Last week and using the same ads, I bought:


bell peppers--2/$1.00


white grapes--$0.99/lb.

Milk was $2.78, priced matched from Aldo.

All in all, I was pleased with the prices. The new ads come out on Wednesday, today. Since I bought 3 lbs. of cherries, I plan to freeze most of them. I hope removing the seeds is not difficult. Now, I must get the dehydrator cranked up for the onions, bell peppers, and maybe the cherries.

The Vidalia onions are huge. Those four weighed 4.4 lbs.!

Your turn
Do your ads have great prices? What kind of produce are you growing or buying for eating, canning, and dehydrating. Since I never pickle or ferment, I forget about those means of "putting up" food.


  1. They look like incredible buys. And now (drat you) I am yearning for cherries (many months away here).

    1. I think these came from Oregon. Christmastime the cherries are from NZ or somewhere down that way. They are never less that $4.99/lb.

  2. I always chuckle when people tell me they can't afford to eat healthy (as they stroll by with carts loaded with soda and chips!). You scored some fine bargains. Cherries are a pain to de-pit. I don't find any of the "gadgets" to be any better. It's time consuming, but you'll sure enjoy those frozen ones later on.

    1. If a person tries to find bargains, usually there is something cheap in produce. Even if I paid a premium price, my children had apple and banana each day of their lives. When my children were 2,7, and 9, I halved and cored an apple and gave the little one a slice off each half and that was how much apple they ate each day. With a banana, at those ages, the older ones got a banana with a bit more than an inch cut off theirs for the baby. And. there was no regular purchase of soda and chips. One day, my son, then seven, asked me if it were the 4th of July since I bought chips AND hot dog buns. Usually, there were no chips and just bread to wrap a hot dog.

      I don't look forward to pitting them.

  3. i bought a huge bag of pumpkin offcuts for $2 last week, i have got about 9 litres (more than 2 gallons) of thick soup out of it as well as a casserole.
    i have also made a whole lot of sauerkraut but i keep giving it away so thats probably not economical unless i want to call n some favours at a later date :)

    ec, the markets were selling a lot of USA cherries last week!

    1. That is a lot of pumpkin soup for a little money. I hope those people remember the sauerkraut when a

      Those cherries came from Oregon, possibly Washington state. How much are they in your stores?

    2. it was $12/kilo at the only wholesale market for all of sydney, in actual local stores i would be guessing they may be up to $20/ kilo

    3. kylie,
      OMG, that's outrageous. Thanks for that.

  4. I have heard you can use the end of a drinking straw to de-pit cherries. Worth a try if you have one laying around.

    1. That's what I plan to use. If I cannot do it, I may hand them off the exbf tomorrow. He, of course, will eat a

  5. Hi Linda...we also freeze cherries to eat all winter. I have found the easiest eay for me is to wash them put them in a clean plastic bag and pound them with the flat side of a meat tenderizer or rolling pin. This loosens up the pit. Then I use a chopstick blunt end to push the pit out. My nails and fingers are stained for a week, but at least I know we will never get gout!

    1. Carol,
      Well, that is a good idea. I have the bag, the rolling pin, and chopstick. I became tired of the longing for cherries, so since I had that refund that was just extra money, I decided to buy cherries, 3.5 lbs. and try freezing. That way, I can have a treat throughout the year. Okay, and no gout. Cherry juice is so expensive that fresh produce is the better bargain.

  6. We're in full garden mode, and just had terrible storms that tore my garden up. I was left with a bucket of green tomatoes after we pruned broken limbs and fixed tomato cages. I'm looking for things to do with green tomatoes other than frying (which I love, but I have to watch the cholesterol!).

    Once again, you mentioned the dehydrator. I have to get mine out and get beyond jerky! It's such a great idea.


    1. Cherdo,
      That's too bad about the losses from the storm. Try piccalilli or green tomato pie. It is supposed to taste just like apple pie. You can always season it and make it without using a crust on the bottom or make Apple Betty to keep from having so much pie crust to eat. Putting an oatmeal based topping would make it even better.

      I might dehydrate some of these cherries to see what they are like.

    2. The green tomato pie is on the internet.


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