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Monday, July 21, 2014

Christmas in July

And, these were free
These have been something I have wanted for a long time--Olympic mittens. However, they were something like $40 on eBay, not in my price range at all. Then, I went to www.mycokerewards  and signed into my account. I could not believe my eyes. I could not believe my good luck. The mittens were offered for Coke points! They cost 160 points, but I only had 119 points or something like that. My hands were shaking. I broke out in a sweat because this was a "limited time offer." You know it could run out any minute.

I searched high and low for Coke caps and cardboard codes. I looked in my purse, in the seat cushions, and under my chair, the window sill, the counter, and in my car. I even dumped a 24-pack onto the sofa so I could get the Coke code off the box. Finally, I found enough for 170 points. Yay me! I had to calm down and enter them correctly the first time. Maybe the offer would end before I could get my points entered.

Success! I ordered and got the message that they would be on the way soon. These came in quickly, maybe two weeks. The weather was too warm, so I looked at them often without wearing them. It felt like Christmas Day. The tag on these has a price of $14....hmmm.

Then, there was last Thursday. The high temperature here was 68 degrees F. At night it was downright cold. How cold was it? It was so cold I pulled the wool blanket over me. That pressed the cold sheet onto my skin since I had a short summer nightgown on. So, I put the wool blanket next to my skin and the sheet over that...much better and cuddly. Yes, it felt like Christmas would be here soon. Thursday was the day I stumbled across the gloves I had set aside to show you all.

These would make a nice Christmas gift for my g-daughter. My daughter said she looses gloves all the time, even a nice pair I bought my daughter. So, I have a decision to make.

(Look at the tiny American flags. So cute)

Your turn
Are you getting things with Coke points? Do you ever get in your head you want some trivial thing and cannot shake the "want" you feel?  What was the low temp in your area last week? Oh, and tell me your general area along with the temperature.


  1. Keep them for yourself. It seems to me that you are much more likely to give than receive treats.
    Our low (for this week) is likely to be minus 4 (centigrade) and our high around 14. Which is fine by me. I find it much, much easier to get warm than to get cool.

  2. EC,
    I suppose I should keep them after wanting them for so long.
    Being too warm makes me annoyed and I can get sick. I can always put on more clothes or blankets!

  3. Sadly, I've tried to swear off sodas...every now and then, I jump back on the Coke train when we are at a restaurant. I'm at that age where everything is bad for me, ha ha.

    That said, I would have done the exact same thing to get the gloves!

    Do you find that it's more satisfying to have saved on these commemorative items? I love things that anchor my memory in events or points in time. I'm frugal AND a sap, it's a two-fer.

    I love your blog.

    1. Cherdo,
      Me too! On and off the Coke train. Oh, it's greatly satisfying to save since I would not have gotten them, otherwise. I don't buy souvenirs to put away. However, these are usable. Frugal and a sap--describes me.

      Thanks. I love yours, too.

  4. Love the gloves! And its even better since they were free.
    I don't do the coke program but I save the codes for a friend. It isn't often that I buy any sort of pop so it isn't worth the time. I'm sort of feeling that way about a lot of the programs that I am in.
    Its been terribly cold around here(Chi-town area), its 70 now but we are supposed to be on the upswing. Maybe we will get to use the pool that we pay a ton for.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Coke is the only thing I save. I even get the points from the trash. I have no pride, obviously.

      The temperature is on the upswing, high 80s and 90s for this week. It was just a little freaky last week. I have never wanted a pool, but lately I have just wanted to lie in a kiddie pool. I hope you get to use your pool soon.

  5. Back when I was still smoking I saved coupons from cigarette packages. I can't tell you how much branded merchandise I received! I still have several small pieces of the luggage along with stadium blankets and picnic sets.

    I didn't even know that there were coupons on coke products.

    I have been in the Bay area this week and it has been really nice weather. I understand that San Diego has been mild too.

    1. Janet,
      I remember all those things available with cigarette logos and wished I Not really.

      The codes on Coke are under the caps. If you buy a cardboard carton, they are inside the flap that opens up. It is all Coke products, not just Coke brand.

      The mild weather was nice here, but it is back to heat now.

  6. I don't do any soda of any kind and haven't for about 10 years.
    Lows are about 75, high 90-93 in SW Florida.

    1. Tom,
      It sounds like your weather is back to normal, I see. Good for you and the no soda.

  7. I haven't been drinking sodas on a regular basis for at least a year now. Regular soda has way too much sugar, like 16 teaspoons a can, and diet soda has aspartame. Don't need either.

  8. Florida: hotter'nhell. I definitely get a "want" in my head and can't let it go. I hope you keep those mittens for yourself.


    1. Janie,
      Yeah, the weather and humidity are back here, too. I could have used a few more extremely mild days. That "want" was not going away. I have had "wants" that hung around for years and still have not been fulfilled. G-daughter probably prefers gloves since her mother hates mittens.

    2. A want is like an itch that you must scratch.

    3. Janie,
      Exactly, but at $40 for a pair, I was just going to have to suffer.

  9. Those are really neat Just to let you know, I tried to leave a comment on your weight loss blog but my computer is doing something funny with work verification and it just flashes the numbers briefly and then goes to a photo sphere tag. Not sure what's wrong, it's everyone's blog. But I did drop in to say hi and tell you I was proud of you for continuing that particular journey.

    1. Brigid,
      Thanks. I will have to look into that. I have tried to leave comments and had the numbers flash and then go away and more numbers come up like I got it wrong the first time. The weight-loss journey will keep me healthy and I will live happier and longer! At least people say I don't look that heavy. I think people saying, "Oh, you look fine. You are not fat." has contributed to my weight gain. I need to be told I should do


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