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Friday, July 25, 2014

Stealing Sonya's Fence

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There is  new blogger on my block. Sonya Ann  from A Mom, Money, and More  just posted an Internet picture of a fence from m{pression that she likes. This looks like just what I could afford and make. Mine would not look this great, but with free bamboo and a few hundred brown UV resistant zip ties, this fence could be reality at my house.
I could enlist someone with skills and tools beyond my tools, skills, and physical capabilities to put together the frame that would not be as sturdy as this. Dogs from the rent houses come into my yard. The owners only let them out after the Animal Control officer leaves work at 4 pm. Thankfully, the people there now don't allow this kind of behavior. But, since a woman who just got rid of an abusive boyfriend lives there, she cannot afford the rent. sigh
My yard is 10 feet deeper than the yard next door. So, there is ten feet unfenced that allows passage. Behind me, those neighbors did not fence all their yard. The renters there do not tend to the unseen part of their yard, so I do. Otherwise, I have privets and scuppernong, and the dreaded wisteria in my yard and tearing up my chain link fence that does keep dogs out. Let me go take a picture of the corner and show you its condition.
Back fence to corner at left

Can you see above the fence post in the top right quadrant of the picture? To the right is a six-foot fence. The people who put the fence up only fenced in the yard and not the shed. Can you see the shed? All the foliage is from their side of the fence but intrudes onto my fence. The privets and wisteria have deformed my 4 foot chain link fence that extends from the left to the other side of my yard. I have a dog barrier, but this week, I will use an herbicide for the first time in my life. If it accidentally gets on their yard, oh well. Of course, over where they actually take care of the yard beyond the fence post and right of that, I will be ultra-careful.

From fence to beyond the telephone pole--no fence
Actually, there is a two-foot ancient, decorative fence that does not go all the way across and certainly will not keep a dog out of the yard. This section where my yard is deeper is where the dogs from rent house get into my yard. THIS is were the bamboo fence will be great. NO, I will not grow bamboo on the property line.
People have free bamboo to give away all the time around here. Now, I just have to advertise. This fence won't be lovely or match anything. But, it beats chicken wire fencing, which I have on hand. It won't involve much labor that I cannot perform. I know zip ties would look tacky, but the right color will never be seen from a distance. Let's hope bamboo is free and plentiful as it usually is in this area.
Your turn
Do you think the bamboo fence at the top is great? Can anyone see a downside other than it will not hold a bull out of the yard or is different from the other fencing?


  1. It looks good to me. Go for it - and good luck.

    1. I will have to work out the logistics. First, exbf is going to buy a truck this Monday. Then, I will try find some bamboo for him to put in the truck. He doesn't know this plan yet. Oh, about the truck he know. However, since I mourned about his truck tearing up, he probably suspects he will be hauling stuff.

  2. I'm at the end of my rope or would it be fence? We need to do something. We have a neighbor's dog that bites and she puts her head through the holes. So I say if I win the lotto I
    ll buy you a fence and vise versa!
    And thank you for the linky love.

    1. Sonya Ann. If I win the lotto, I will gladly buy you a fence. Keep your fingers crossed. I know it might look tacky, but can you sort of put things up against the holes to keep the dog out? Even chicken wire might keep the dog at bay for a bit. I would do anything to keep from being bitten by a dog.

      You are certainly welcome. I love your blog and have loved it for years but seldom went there. I don't know why I never put you on here before.

    2. I have always been a massive dog lover but I can honestly say, I would be fine if they put the dog down. It has bitten so many people and has such a nasty disposition. It charges the chain link fence when I pull weeds and the owners are like, "oh she is just saying hi." Ummmm no she is snarling and snapping at me. I normally just start yelling at the ****ed thing. Sorry, I know I sound mean but they have gone too far.
      Happy weekend, my friend.

    3. I think I feel the same way about this dog. One day, it will bite someone who makes sure it is removed from the neighborhood. If the owner said that to me, I would say, "No, it wants to get to me and bite me and it is cursing me." or "Your dog has no manners if it thinks that is "hi." When my dog would snarl at people and chase them as they jogged by, I would be so embarrassed and apologize. Our dog never came close to biting anyone, but the mail lady would drive her truck across the yard to the porch and stand there pale and looking terrified when our dog came out to chase her away with teeth bared. No, you don't sound mean.

      Happy weekend to you too, Sonya Ann.

  3. I do think it looks good but wonder how sturdy it will be, especially if the dogs charge towards it, could they get straight through it?

    1. LL,
      Bamboo is a very dense plant. Dogs can chew through regular fences it they really want to get to the other side. I don't think a charge would break bamboo fencing at all.


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