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Friday, May 4, 2012

Chicken Salad Pockets Recipe


I have never made this, but doesn't it look yummy? She says the filling is forgiving, and I think that you could use homemade pastry or any other kind. I have had something similar. If I make them, they will be triangles so that I don't have to get the pastry "glued" together to make a rectangle.

Check here for the recipe. She requested all text stay on her site.

ABOUT BLOGGER: Does anyone know where my "join this site" button went? LOL so how can I get it back? I have not deleted it, but it disappeared about the time I went to new blogger.  I have gone to all blogger sites in a search for the button. It is not out there.

Your turn
Have you had these? If so, are they as good as they sound? Have you posted a similar recipe? Maybe you could share the link with us.


  1. Hi Linda- Thank you for featuring my recipe. I know you asked others, but these really are good. Several of my readers have tried them and told me their family likes them, and I've recieved rave reviews from family and guest when I make them. They are really easy to make too.

    You can use any kind of dough you like. I just like the lightness of the crescent rolls. That dough will stick to itself, but I'm sure an egg wash to use as "glue" or just using a different shape will make them just as nice.

    Thanks for letting me know to drop by!

  2. Shannon,
    I don't make very good dough! So, crescent rolls sound great to me. I can also flatten biscuits with the best of them! Since it has been a long time since I bought crescent dough and was not sticking it to itself except in one instance, I was worried about it not sticking to itself. Egg white were what I was considering using--you know, what is left in the shell. I was considering adding some grated cheese of some sort instead of half the cream cheese.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Linda
    I guess you fixed the issue because I see the button.
    I have never made chicken pockets but we make spinach ones. It requires a good bread dough. I won't be making them soon but if I did, it's a fussy recipe...not sure I'd want to type it out! Lol!

  4. You can see the "join this site" button? I cannot! If it is fussy, I would not make it. Like I said, rolling or mashing biscuits out is my speed.

  5. Oh, these look really good!


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