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Monday, May 14, 2012

Strawberry Festival


two huge freezers and lots of gears!

Main event
Three on a String

This group formed about 41 years ago. I have been attending their events for at least 35. They are a musical comedy group. Go here to see a snippet of the show. This is not our venue. Oh, the guy in the beginning is telling a pretty girl how to play a harmonica/French harp. They play at the Blooming Festival and other places around here. I have never seen them any other place.

Can you see wearing these around a festival that includes a craft show, farmer's market, and a music and food venue? Not me!

My favorite place
Thanks you Bo Benton and those who love him.
There were about a dozen of these around the park where the craft show was held.

Bluegrass band before the main event

spontaneous buck dancing...I can do this...could do this.

And, we have tractors.

Now for the Craft Show

For wreaths on the door, on funeral caskets, on graves.
They were so colorful.
 another pouf

and another pouf

There were lots of booths of the same things as in all craft shows. So, I took pictures of the unusual thing. Besides, I did not walk to all the booths because of pain.

On To The Farmer's Market

Pecans on upper and lower tier, potatoes and greens and seedlings for sale

Beauregard sweet potatoes, the best variety

kudzu blossom jelly and pretty eggs

This is only a small bit of what was there. I just could not walk much. Then, I went back and left my camera card, so I could not take many pictures.

Update: Go here for definition of buck dancing and flat footing.Barb, I looked at the flat-footing videos and was thinking there were more kicks. The link explains that what I thought was true.

Update on update: I put the wrong link and have corrected it now. Here is Emmy Lou Harris buckdancing. More buck dancing at the Opry. Here, the father dances best.

Your turn
Do you have a Strawberry Festival in town? Have you ever seen Three on a String? Can you buck dance? If you live in a small town or large and have festivals? Have you had kudzu blossom jelly? YUM!


  1. I've never heard of buck dancing. Is it anything like bootscooting/linedancing? I used to do that.

    I'm glad you had a nice day out, we all need things like this sometimes.


  2. Bootscooting and line dancing are done in a pattern. Buck dancing is a solo dance, in that each person does their own thing on the dance floor. It is not in unison and not as a couple. I have done bootscooting and linedances--electric slide anyone?

    Flat footing is feet close to the floor. Buck dancing is more kicks and stomping. Look at the update in the post.

    Did you ever do the Cotton-Eyed Joe? Two step?

    I could waltz and do other dances that were not so country! I plan to be able to do so again.

  3. Barb,
    Last year, on April 27, 2011, a tornado tore our town to bits, leaving some without electricity for 10 days. I lost my electricity for five days. The Strawberry Festival was cancelled. Everyone was happy this year because we missed it.

  4. It looks like fun! Have you ever tried the kudzu blossom jelly though? I am intrigued. Also, I think I need a red checked tablecloth now:)

  5. LindaM,
    It was fun. I bought some kudzu blossom jelly last fall and opened it about two weeks ago. It is a mild, pink jelly. The city uses the red-checked, plastic tablecloths for all their events. It makes it very festive, especially for the Strawberry Festival. They use blue checked sometimes.


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