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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rosy, A Pretty Post

18 jar lids and rings for $3!
These are last year's lids and rings, marked down to $1/6-pack. Even though I won't use these for canning, they will be pretty for storage or gifts. Plus, they are cheaper and more durable than the Ball plastic lids for storage. Parsimony strikes again.

My mulberries are several shades of rosy.
The hens eat them when they fall.

strawberry ice cream I had on Saturday

I finally found rhubarb in the grocery store!
exorbitant price

My apple I am going to eat right now,
lying upon a 10" napkin I made from a scrap
 that was here when I was in a
napkin-making frenzy.

My younger daughter loved Strawberry Shortcake.

1980 memories--32-year-old cup, Priceless 

I don't have to try hard to find lots of red or shades of rosy around here. Things are beginning to appear rosy about my house situation. Several things have fallen through or not materialized in the past three weeks. I have to keep the details close to the vest, but I am feeling very rosy right now.

Your turn
Do you find bits of red turn up without your really trying to gather it around you? I do. What is your favorite rosy thing? (rosy=any shade of red)


  1. I really enjoy the color theme of this post. What a fun idea!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry Linda, had to delete due to typos. I had said that I am wearing my fav summer dress which is red, and my red Fiestaware is nicer than the other colors I own. I also really want a red checkered tablecloth!

  4. BLD,
    Thanks. It just came to me as I was editing pictures.

    You sound marvelously festive and alive in the red dress. If I see a red checkered tablecloth at a thrift store or yardsale, I will get it for you. The ones at the Strawberry Festival were plastic. They buy it in rolls, I think.

  5. I painted my front door red.

    regards wimmera

  6. Wimmera,
    Red would be my color choice for a front door! Or, maybe a dark

  7. Wearing red makes me feel confident.

  8. Anonymous,
    When I wear red, I feel happy. Men flirt and seem attentive. Women smile and talk to me. Little children smile. I suppose I feel confident.

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