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Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicken Tracks

Who has been on my porch?

When the hens leave gifts on the porch, I sprinkle diatomaceous earth (DE) to keep the flies away. DE helps eliminate odor, too. It dries the gift and makes it easy to sweep from the porch. Yes, I have a porch broom that never enters the house.

I didn't hear the hens, so they must have come up the steps to the back door when we were gone. Exbf told me the tracks were on the porch. Otherwise, I might never have noticed.

This is a color picture!  I suppose DE on concrete is not going to show up in technicolor.

About the chicken food
we ate tomatoes and ears of corn thrown out. The tomato had a place I cut off. It was large enough that exbf and I had two slices apiece, and there were two slices for his lunch tomorrow. The corn was shucked today. It was thrown out because two of the ears were sparsely filled with kernels of corn.  The other two were beautiful. However, the last 2 inches had little nubbins that barely looked like kernels and the cob was not filled out, sort of pointy.

So, along with free tomatoes and corn, I had already planned slaw, green beans (free), and chicken. That is four full meals and chicken left for sandwiches or pasta salad. Since I only had to buy the chicken and shredded cabbage, the whole four meals and two sandwiches cost me around $6.

Yes, we do eat chicken food in this house!

Exbf sat out back at the patio table this afternoon and went through two boxes of vegetable scraps. He put the shucks in compost, saved nub ends of corn that was cut for customers,  and brought in a tomato and the 4 ears of corn. I still have an ear to cook tomorrow. A box of cabbage leaves is waiting for the girls tomorrow. I just dump it all in the hens's pen and they go nuts.

I think it is a shame that grocers/marketers feel it is necessary to shuck, desilk, and cut off both ends of corn for customers. It is a shame that customers cannot do it themselves! I am always amused that stores cut the ends off corn and display it to entice customers. The ends on the corn does not offend me at all. But, three dozen or more ends were the girls' dinner tonight.

Your turn
Have you found chicken tracks on your porch? Wild animal tracks in your yard? Don't you love animal tracks?


  1. hahaha. When we moved to the first farm Husband didn't want me to have chickens free ranging. He knew these people when he was a kid that let their chickens free range, and they'd always be up on the porch. He said you couldn't even knock on their door without stepping in chicken poop. Ew, gross, lol. I solved that problem though. With four rowdy boys, everything runs away from the house!

    That, however, doesn't stop the goat poop in the sunroom every spring, lol!

  2. Wendy,
    It seemed that we had chickens in a few different places we lived. At only one place were they free-range. We ran barefoot all summer. You learn quickly to look down and step carefully, as it seemed the steps and porch were like minefields of chicken poop. Kids don't step in poop very often after the first barefoot squish. Everywhere else, we had a chicken yard for them.

    Goat poop in the sunroom...ewww. LOL...guess I would get over it.


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