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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Found! Woo Hoo

Task Force

3 " long when closed

This was on the asphalt in a parking lot, all folded up as in the second picture. The little saw is very sharp. Ask me how I know. On the Internet, I found this tool priced $29.95.

Your turn
What have you found lately? Or, ever?


  1. Once in a car we'd owned maybe 5 months or so I finally had need to lower the back seat - it was a small hatchback but we also have a much large estate (station wagon) but for some reason we were using the little one... I folded the seats over and underneath - 3 vicious looking screwdrivers that had been deliberately sharpened!! I bought the car via a garage but I made doubly sure I hoovered it throughly worrying if there was any "evidence" of anything left... the screwdrivers were carefully disposed of!

    1. Furtheron,
      Now, that is scary! I wonder if blood was still on the screwdrivers.

  2. Wow, that's quite a find! I don't know what it says about me that when I saw the first picture, I thought it was some sort of modern art made to look like a duck, and not a really tricked out Swiss Army knife! Those are useful.

    Will you keep it or sell it?

    1. Pamela,
      I had the same thought--that is a work of art! Modern art! I let the thought go because I always see objects in clouds and have an active I thought it looked like a double-headed/faced duck, sort of like Janus.

      This is something that I will definitely keep in the glove compartment in the car. I started to put it in my tool box and decided it needed to be in the car where I did not have all my tools.

    2. Pamela,
      Although it appears I arranged the little pull-out accessories just so for the picture, I did not. I pulled them all out, laid the tool down, and snapped one picture. Then, I closed it for the next picture.

  3. Great find! I don't recall finding anything lately. I must get out more:)

    1. Thanks. I would not call a parking lot of a single business "getting out." However, if I can find this sort of goody, I will gladly meander about.

  4. Pennies - lots of pennies.
    For some reason people in our neighborhood just throw their pennies on the street. We probably find 20-30 cents a week!

  5. Last winter I found $100 in my coat that I hadn't worn since the previous year. The next week I found $10 in a different jacket pocket that also had not been worn in a year. Now it was my money to begin with but I never knew I lost it so it was "found".

    That little tool looks nice.

  6. Karen,
    25 cents a week for 50 weeks in $10.50 if my mental math is correct. And, you get exercise to boot. Thanks for that comment!

    I love finding money in my clothes from the previous winter. But, I have never found $100. I think $10 is the most I have found in a coat pocket.

    I think the tool will be handy, eventually.

  7. lots of old jars and bottles in the garden (we just bought an old house).
    I hope there is a lots of gold(the area is known for gold)

  8. Wimmera,
    I just now saw this comment. The old jars could be gold! I would love to find jars and bottle in my yard, gold too.


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