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Saturday, May 5, 2012

When You Break an Egg

Two broken eggs--one laid Wednesday; one laid Friday
ten-day-old eggs should have been eaten first!
Do you ever have a time you would consider a good time to accidentally break an egg? Just what I thought. NO! It's not usually easy to recover from accidentally broken eggs.  I did  break an egg in my pocket once before. Yuck! And, here is a picture of my pants at another time. Yes, that is an egg in the pocket, oooozing out. Look through the comments for Wendy's funny response.

Today, I was going through eggs on the counter to get the ones with the oldest date. I had bacon cooking and was going to scramble eggs in the remains of fried bacon. Don't think I added that much grease to my eggs. I poured all the grease into a 1/2 pt fruit jar and was going to scramble them in a greasy skillet, drained of all grease.

Butterfingers Me accidentally knocked two of Thelma's eggs to the counter. So, no matter the date, I scrambled those, actually two eggs from yesterday and the day before. That was a pretty good recovery. Usually, I scrambled one of Thelma's eggs (large and brown) and one of Pepper's eggs (small and white). Not today. I had two gigantic eggs from Thelma. Recovery was easy!

Later, I was going to release the girls, throw out food, and rush to get tires on my car. Since Pepper had left me an egg, I put it in my pocket to keep it in the car so I did not have to climb the stairs to the door! I was in an extra big hurry since the tire store closed at noon, as did the bank. Because I was out of checks, I had to withdraw cash from the bank, get back to the tire store, and get all this done so they would have time to get the tires on without rush. When did banks quit giving out counter checks to be used in stores?

As I approached the bank door, I felt something cold on my thigh. Yes, I had broken an egg in my pocket AGAIN.  I stood talking to the teller, cleaning egg from my pocket with some paper towels I had gotten from the ladies' room and putting it all into a waste basket dragged from a nearby tableside. It was disgusting.  It was getting close to the time for them and tire store to close. Otherwise, I could have retreated to clean my pocket.

"Why do you have a fresh egg in your pocket?" Imagine this said in a low, incredulous tone, almost as though the speaker thought you had taken leave of your senses.

When I arrived at the tire store, limping (knee and back) and trying to hold my pants off my leg a bit, the owner looked at me perplexed. When I told him what happened...."Oh, good god!!!" By this time, egg had managed to drip to my ankles despite my best efforts.

When I finally got home the egg had sort of dried. Yolk was even on my panties! Recovery was not easy.

Earlier, I put my egg and bacon in a Tupperware bowl, along with a T tumbler with milk and another with orange juice. A mad dash to the car and a mad dash across town to pick up a friend did not diminish the taste of breakfast I ate on the run. Oh, this was two chores before the bank and tire store. Breakfast was delicious.

Your turn
Anyone besides Wendy and I who break eggs in pockets? Rolling them out of the bowl onto the counter?


  1. Oh Linda... lol. I'm sorry for your troubles but you do paint a funny picture!

  2. Wendy,
    Thanks. I have to remember not to carry eggs in my pocket for so long. Aaack!

  3. You can't say life is uninteresting, that's for sure. All I can say is, " bacon and egg....yum!"

  4. You just don't know how interesting my life has been lately. I rarely have bacon, so, "yes, bacon and egg, yum...always."

  5. LOL! When we had chickens I did indeed break an egg in my pocket. I had put the fresh egg in my jacket pocket - it had been laid later in the day than we typically gathered the eggs and I found it when giving the girls fresh water. I bent over to pick up the waterer and... yep! Yuck. I can't imagine how icky it felt having that oozing egg run down your leg! You did make me hungry for bacon and eggs, though..

  6. Karen,
    I only break eggs in pants pockets! The ick factor is unimaginable. Plus, digging out the egg at the teller window and having yolk in my hand and dripping from my fingers was just gross. Like I said, I was in a hurry to leave the bank and could not leave the teller. Now, I want bacon and eggs for dinner tonight!


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