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Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Bit Obsessed and Distracted

For the last two weeks I have obsessively scoured the internet for breaking news of Adam Mayes and the mother and three girls he kidnapped. Today, I am feeling major relief because the ordeal of looking for the two younger girls has ended. Of course, I am interested when these types of events occur and children are missing.
This was more. Maybe it is because the setting is all too familiar to me. Although my parents lived in Memphis, my mother went back to her family in Mississippi to give birth to me. Yes, the town of my birth has been in the news. No, not Guntown! My great-grandfather built the old homeplace on 90 acres in this area. My distant relatives that I only see at family reunions all live in this area.

AND, after I married, my husband's employment placed us in the area in Tennessee where the girls lived.

If you are not in the US and care to see the latest news, all good, look here. I have had a difficult time keeping this story from my blog. I have not posted much because of the story. This will be the end in my blog, except for comments you wish to post.

Your turn
Even though I am sure all of you are concerned when children are taken from their homes, did you ever become overly emotionally involved? I cannot even explain how I came to this position unless it was the proximity to places in my past. Or, it could be my feelings of emotional vulnerability right now. However, this concern and obsession is something new to me. Have you ever found yourself recognizably overly distraught about something so far removed from your life?

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  1. Not really...except for politics that is. I do get upset when children are victimized in anyway and wish the perp would get hanged by his cajones and skinned alive but other than that- not really;)

    Glad it was good news.


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