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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Treasure from My Attic

What have you found in your attic that someone before you left behind? In 1977, this was in our attic. The house was built in 1902. Sometime, between 1902 and 1977, this was placed in the attic and forgotten.

The embossed bottom reads: Crescent News Company
In the center is: price 10 cents
Maybe you can read it.

Does your mind ever make up scenarios that would explain why things are found in unlikely places? Mine does~~

     *The cup was in a box and fell out when the box was removed from the attic.
     * Someone hid the cup in the attic along with a bottle and went up to have a nip.
     * The cup was stolen and stashed.

Okay, those are my only scenarios. What can you imagine that would explain why this little cup, less than three inches tall, was in the attic. There is no ladder for access. The ceiling is 10' tall, so it is no mean feat to get up there.

Now I am curious as to where Crescent News Company is located. Defiance, OH has a newspaper of that name. Or, could it be from the New Orleans area?

Do you remember these little collapsible cups as common items? I do. They worked for water fountains when someone wanted to take water with them. We didn't have bottled water in the 50s.  I know Boy Scouts and such still use these. I have seen them in camping equipment areas. They collapsible cups are not as common as they once were. Hopefully, they are no longer made of aluminum.

What is your treasure or curiosity that leads you to wonder about its origin?
Your turn
What scenarios can you imagine to explain how this came to be on the floor of my attic when we moved in here? Did you ever have one of these? I did but I think it got broken when I was a child. What intriguing item have you found in your attic? Barn?


  1. You piqued my curiosity and I've found you can research almost anything on the internet. Here's what I found about the Crescent News & Hotel Company: "Crescent News & Hotel Company was a news stand and cigar store that operated at several locations in New Orleans from the 1880’s until the 1930’s." (from a page of "encased cents" at: ). And this: "John H. Conniff was president of the Crescent News & Hotel Company and had other large and important business interests." (from a 1924 article about John H's son John R. Conniff at: ). I bet there's more out there but I have to go to work! :-)

  2. Hmm.....they harbored a fugitive in your attic. Nobody woud miss the tin cup because they always used the fine China.

    We found alot f oddities here but the one thing we keep diiingup outside is tiny bottles. Why did people toss tiny bottles outside?

  3. This is so cool! I live in a condo, so no attic. There were some old cans of paint and brown tiles the former owner left in the closet when I moved in 13 years ago, lol!

  4. Rochelle,
    I did not search long, but knew that New Orleans was the Crescent City. It's interesting that you found this on a genealogy site. Good work, Watson!

    The tiny bottles were probably medicine bottle dumped with trash that has probably decomposed. They may have burned the trash, so bottle were all that was left. My brother stopped by a construction site after work every day in Nashville and found many bottles unearthed. He carried home the whole ones, some over a hundred years old.

    I forgot the fugitive aspect. Or, maybe some crook took refuge there and the family did not know.

    Those are uninspiring finds but might be valuable if you needed to touch up paint or replace a tile. Whoever left them specifically for you. That was nice of the former owner/s.

    Someday, you will have an attic and find goodies.


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