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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebellion with Evil Eye and Wing Flapping

"Yes, this really is where I want to sleep!"

On Sunday evening, just before dusk, I heard thumping on the porch. As I went to look out the door, there was additional thumping. Above is where I found Louise, looking at me as if to say she were settled for the night, right where she wanted to be. "No chicken tossing."

As I turned to go inside, I saw Pepper jumping up on the banister that descends as the steps do. She landed, yelped, and soon she was sliding. She slid sideways down the banister/rail, wings frantically flapping the whole way. It was over soon but was quite impressive while she was in motion. Funny Pepper.

I lured them to their pen and shut the door. Chicken wrangling at dark is not my favorite thing to do.The iron railing looks rustier than it is!

Your turns
How are your hens doing? Acting up? Rebelling? Doing funny things?


  1. Louise looks quite content there! lol

  2. I lured her to her pen with a plate of oatmeal with lots of salt, olive oil, and crushed egg shells. She was contently eating when I left. Yes, she would be content to sleep there every night. But, raccoons are still about. I thought you might have a chicken

  3. My hens are doing fine(my vintage tea towels have chicken pictures on them)

  4. wimmera,
    Your chickens are on the tea towels? Funny. So, I guess you never have to put them to bed in their pen. I wish I could find chicken things I like and can afford. If they are affordable, I don't want them. If I love them, then I cannot afford them. Some day....

  5. elderly lady gave me ,there were still in the original box never used(20 tea towels)Pure linen made in Romania.
    Maybe 30-40 years old.

  6. Wimmera,
    Those are a real treasure!


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