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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tossing Hens

waiting for me, Thelma (blond) and Louise (auburn)
Thelma is complaining!

When I came home this evening about 7:45, these two had opted to come roost near the door instead on going into their pen and jumping into their Rubbermaid homes. After I went in and put down my parcels, I came back and scolded them in a manner that made them think by the tone of my voice that I was being sweet. It is so hard to fuss.

Although they were hunkered down, turned in for the night, and ready to spend the night next to the door, I tossed them off the porch. It is a six foot drop. The flew and squawked. Then, the little rascals came right back up the steps, dodging my feet as I tried to block their progress, not taking the hint. Once more, I tossed them off the railing! I brought out some grape tomatoes that were shriveled and not appetizing to me, along with a flashlight. I tossed them off again. I led them with the flashlight, but they did not follow.

I kept calling them all the way to the pen, their food call, "DeeLiiiLah." Pepper jumped down and could not find the tomatoes even with the light shining on them. Silly girl. Thelma and Louise were back on the railing!.

Now, it is getting darker, and my patience is wearing thin. I had the flashlight and tossed them off again. I grabbed a paper bag in the wagon and whacked them with it twice each. So, now it was good for herding them. They made a dozen attempts to get around me and the paper bag. I did not whack them again, just whacked my leg and the sound made them wary of me. Mind you, I did not hurt them. But, they are probably terrified of paper bags! 

I was in no mood to pick up hens against my bare arms. When I am wearing a coat or sweatshirt, I will hold them against me. I just did not want to have to change clothing and bathe, since I need to go out again. . Remember, I have allergies!

They followed the light I shone over their heads and to the pen. Once inside, I showed them the tomatoes with the light. They just were whining so pitifully. As I left, I heard them jumping into their boxes.

Your turn
Do you have chickens that forget where they sleep or decide to sleep elsewhere? Other than carrying them, what means do you have for getting them where they go? I really hated to whack them with the bag. That is the only time I have struck them except for when they were determined to eat glass. Neither whacks where enough to discourage or even cause minor pain. Do you have chicken rebellions that lead to chicken/hen tossing?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I live about 10 miles south of Birmingham! Nice to meet you! I love your chickens!!!

  2. April
    Thanks. I have been to Chelsea. I think it was an Love your blog, too.


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