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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bad Houseguests

Biodiversity is down. We consume more resources each year than can be replaced in a year. It takes 1.5 years to replace what we use in 1 year.  That's the bad news, and it just gets worse.
"We're emptying the fridge, we're not really taking care of the lawn, we're not weeding the flower beds and we're certainly not taking out the garbage," Loucks said.

Surprisingy, the US is fifth on the list of greedy resource users. You can read the whole article and find out at what rate biodiversity is falling. 

What do you think?
Is this new to most of us? The exact statistics were to me but not the concepts. Are you doing your part to stem the destruction of the only home we have? I ask myself: should I give up eating bananas and pineapple? Give up my cell phone? Quit driving as much as I do?


  1. I just think it's great that you think about it. Every little bit helps!

  2. Mark,
    I suppose I need to do a bit more, just not giving up eating bananas and pineapples.

  3. This is a delightful post and very inspiring as well.


  4. It's so tough because we are all used to doing everything in excess. Even buying a new t-shirt is excess when you compare it to how the world operated a few thousand years ago. Driving a car any less than 10km isn't really needed but most of us wouldn't flinch at it.

    I'm trying to reduce one small action at a time.

  5. No easy answers. If we stop eying bananas and pineapples do we then contribute to food waste and also fuel waste since tne importer is still importing anyway? Or you and I stop eating them but several million others do not.
    We do our best in ways that seem to make a difference.....but do they? I have to believe that it matters. got an award waiting over at my blog.

  6. Forest,
    We are so far removed from even a hundred years ago as far excess that we would not ever willingly go back to that level of consumerism. Most people will have to be forced by some external force to reduce their actions. I try!

    Yes, I have to believe that my efforts somehow pay off. I am willing to eat what others don't. I don't have low standards in food. But, I like the overripe banana and don't mind cutting bruises off apples. Most of the food waste is perfectly edible--safe and nutritious and not past its prime.

    Thank you.

  7. LindaM,
    It's not that others will not eat some of the food I will. It is the fact that stores throw it in the dumpster because it is not pretty, not that it is bad/ rotten or gone off!


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