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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books for a Certain Lifestyle: Part II

Alternate titles--

Books for a Parsimonious Lifestyle
Books for Creative Living
Books to Feed the Soul

You know that I love books, right? I love books gotten inexpensively. None of these were full-price, and I assure you that none cost me over a dollar. Some may have been a quarter or free.

Book of Herbs

This book has identification pictures, history, herb garden photos, recipes and more. The cover is brilliantly colored, but tonight, I had little luck with pictures.

Back To Basics
"How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills"  I don't know how many editions of this book were released. This is the 1981 edition, presumably the first.

The Complete Book of Herbs
A practical guide to growing and using herbs

The title does not lie. There are many pictures for id, recipes, medicinal uses, pictures of dishes made with herbs. potpourri and dying. The color is beautiful.

You might think that with all the books on herbs that I possess that I would be capable of identifying herbs.  I feel clueless except for mint and basil. I read these and enjoy them. The first group of books are the ones I am most familiar with.  I told my friends in Birmingham that herbs put me to sleep each night. When they asked, and  I explained that I went to bed with a book of pretty pictures and lay in bed for a bit before sleep, they laughed. I no longer do that. sigh. I do know a bit, but not as much as others.

On the table beside me were books in a stack. On the bookshelf nearby more of these herb and lifestyle books were shelved. A friend looked at the stack and then at my shelf.

"I am going to have to come back some day and borrow a few of your herb books, so I can learn more."

I laughed. That night all herb books were taken to the mantle in my bedroom. She never mentioned it again. 

Your turn
Have you had the pleasure of enjoying these books? What are some of your favorite herb/plants/lifestyle books?


  1. They all look amazing! I like Rosemary Gladstars books- I have two but the titles evade me. I like them because she really does know what she's doing with herbs and she's a great teacher/ writer. Not much gardening based books or even craft based herbal books on my shelves.

  2. The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs [with supplement] by Mark Blumenthal(one of 500+ favorites )
    I like yor blog

    regards wimmera austalia

  3. LindaM,
    The craft-based herbal part in my books does not interest me at I have never heard of Rosemary Gladstone, but now I probably will. Thanks for the information.

    I have never heard of the Mark Blumental book and will look it up now. I understand the 500+ favorites thing. Thanks you for the recommendation. I am glad you like my blog. Australia is the #1 place I would like to visit!

  4. I hope one day you will come to Australia.
    I am a qualified medical herbalist and love herbs .
    You will see when you come.
    Regards wimmera

  5. Anon,
    Do you have a blog? After back surgery, knee surgery, and shoulder surgery, and winning the lottery, I will be in Australia to visit. It is at the top of my list. Fear of flying with terrorist about will be difficult to overcome.

  6. I do not have a blog. I have never really seen the point in keeping a blog.

    regards wimmera

  7. Wimmera,
    Okay. LOL...I suppose there is no point, really, in having a blog. I just wondered. I am glad you read mine.

  8. your blog is interesting and enjoyable.



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