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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Target Did What?

If you blush at strong language, or are offended easily, or have religious compunctions about scatalogy, profanity, vulgarities, obscenities, or blush at those, you might not want to read this post from Busted Knuckles.  Target, it seems, turned away children with money to spend, lots of money. Thankfully, I have been in Target twice. It seems like a place I do not want to spend money. Oh, read the comments because there is one comment about how the guy's adult son was treated.


  1. I read his post. And although I'm no huge fan of Target, I don't see any proof to back up his story. Should I simply take his word for what happened? And if so, that's awful what they did. But I really hate to accuse anyone or any business without some proof. Does that make sense. And I'm not being a jerk, I would really like to know.

  2. Mark,
    Good point! I don't know.


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