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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I won a book!

I won a book from Frugal Down Under. Yes, that's right, I am getting a prize from an Australian blog.

I don't suppose anyone will care if I use this picture to show you what I won. Check out the blog through the link above. I have not had a new book in ages. I just love to win, even if I don't get a prize.

Your turn
What have you won lately? Have you heard of this author? I had not. What do you want to win?


  1. I want to win a kitchen make over like the one on the book cover! That is such a great cover! Congratulations! I will check out the blog where you won. I haven't heard of this author either but I bet its a pretty cool book!

  2. LindaM,
    A kitchen makeover would be a cool thing to win. I will let you know about the book. The cover alone should sell books.

  3. I haven't won anything recently... last thing I won was an ipod touch from my dentist back in the Spring, which was pretty cool too!

  4. tlc,
    That is a great win! From your dentist? Mine gives me a toothbrush.

  5. You won my book! *sniffle sniffle* Enjoy!

  6. Hopefully I will have more books in the future up for grabs. I just need to contact more publishers with groovy books :-)
    I wish I could have won it. I'll have to wait for it to hit my library.

  7. Marci,
    Oops, I didn't know. We can share. Dry your tears. Maybe Santa will bring you the same book?

  8. I did just win some Christmas books form Mama Pea...winning is GOOD!! lol


  9. Congratulations to you, too! I will have to go see what you won.


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