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Sunday, December 11, 2011

200 Christmas Trees in one Home

200 Christmas trees fill this home. A friend said her mother loved Christmas so much that everything except some of the furniture was stripped from all but the bedrooms. Every picture, book, some lamps, art objects were stored for a month. Her mother's house looked like a Christmas shop. While her house did not look like this one and was not as fine, I imagine it might have been filled to the brim like this one.

I have a friend who takes all the pictures from his walls and wraps them to look like gifts and replaces them. His house is not this filled and is tiny, but he adds to the decorations each year. I only wonder how his girlfriend who moved in several years ago feels about all this.

I would love to have lots of trees.  When I could, I was a decorating fiend. I never had lots, just more than my friends. Every room had something or several somethings that were Christmasy. My children were so thrilled each year. It was for them that I decorated and the child in me.  I love the abundance of Christmas themed items, not that I come close to this lady.

Okay, it would take a pickup truck to get it all out of here. A reindeer ($1 at a yard sale)and an outdoor Christmas tree (on sale) reside in the basement.

This year, Christmas decorations will be at a minimum. That post is coming soon.

Your turn
Do you like excess when it comes to decorating for Christmas? Or, are you a minimalist? Or, a Scrooge?


  1. I think I'm a scrouge, for want of a better term. All the Christmas decorations we own were purchased by Dave. He had quite a time convincing me it was a good investment. ;)

    Between us though, I reckon we get a nice balance between having some stuff without going overboard. I probably never would have gone for Christmas decorations if it wasn't for Dave's influence. Yet because I see he gets enjoyment from them (putting them up with his family) that's how I come to enjoy them - because it makes him happy.

    I don't see anything wrong with Christmas decorations if that's what a person gets enjoyment from. I've also seen some pretty nifty home made decorations, which I think is awesome they take the time to do those extra special things. :)

    For some reason, Christmas decorations (on their own) don't give me the same warm and fuzzy's it does others. That may not always be the case, as I've noticed I can change my views with enough encouragement.

  2. Chris,
    That's a good assessment of your feelings. I have known spouses, usually men, who make life miserable by not joining in harmless fun of Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations don't give me the "warm fuzzies," the give me the "excited tinglies." LOL I suppose you need the right person, your husband, to help you appreciate them.

    My daughter is just sick of decorating and holidays because it means more work for her. I was sending her Santa dishcloths and towels last year. She groaned. "They are for the sake of the children who love things like that." She agreed that she would use them for the children. She was particularly tired that day. I don't think she will ever outgrow the desire for decorations. I won't.

  3. I think that I am indifferent. I don't like over kill at all. My mom did Christmas with over kill and it does look nice for an hour but after that its just too much information to take in. I am easily over stimulated though.

    My favorite tree was my first one on my own. I didn't remember to buy lights for it and had very few decorations. I used my vintage jewelry and some ethnic marionettes I was collecting. It was such a pretty tree!

    We just do a tree and perhaps a wreath. We don't light the tree all the time. Sometimes we don't add lights at all. I do however love tinsel.

  4. Indifferent? Maybe that is why there are overkill folk? "To each her own" and may we each be happy with our choices. king do the first years is always a poignant memory. I am struggling with a tree right now...the best I can do unassisted this year.


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