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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cat Problems

Your turn
Do you drive your cat to drink?


  1. I've never seen it from his point of view. Hmmm.

  2. Mark,
    It sort of makes you think.

    and laugh.

    There was a whole slide show, but I could not figure out how to copy the whole thing.

  3. When we had cats, I use to love watching them go psycho in the wind. They'd be laying there one minute, the wind would make their hair stand on end and then they'd go find a tree to attack!

    If the wind was particularly bad, they'd find themselves so pumped that they'd madly start climbing the trunk and wonder half way up, how on earth they're supposed to get down.

    Cats are funny.

  4. PracticalP - my cats drive me to DRINK! they are the most spoiled, lazy cats i have ever met! they are too lazy to play with balls on the Christmas tree - in fact, when i play with them with their little toys - i play with the toys while they watch me!!!

    they also have a thing that we call "cat taxi". both of them at different times during the day come up and rub my leg with a certain look on their face. they want a cat taxi. which is basically me picking them up and carrying them around the house. they will turn their head in the direction that they want to go. and i carry them around in their taxi until they let me know they want down. one cat has got to be 40lbs!!! and i have to carry him from room to room to look at whatever catches his interest for 20 minutes. i guess it's a good work out or something.

    but no, my cats drive me to drink! they are actually too lazy to drink - bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  5. Chris,
    That is just hilarious. I had to wait to type while I laughed for a few minutes. Surely, this is not just an AU cat thing. That scene should make a good viral video "Cats Attack Trees to Stop the Wind."There must be something "Blowin in the Wind."

  6. Kymber,
    What we have here is a case of spoiled, lazy cats coupled with a well-trained I can just see you hauling cats around the house, showing them the rooms. Yes, that does sound like a good work out. Too funny.

  7. Chris,
    Do you think the cats see the swaying trees as the cause of the wind instead of being another victim of the wind like their hair? So, the cats try to subdue the trees, the only visible source of wind? I am still fascinated by your cats' action and logic.

  8. kymber,
    I have been looking at chocolate wine. Have you ever had this? It may be "Ripple for Women." Ripple is rotgut, cheap wine that winos drink, just in case you don't have Ripple where you are.

    I wonder if putting wine in chocolate milk would be just as about your cats driving you to DRINK.

  9. Gosh, I don't know what it was with our cats Linda. The scientist in me (not that I am a scientist, LOL) wonders if it was static electricity in their hair, being generated by the wind?

    Whatever it was, they were compelled to pounce and claw! Thankfully it was only tree trunks. ;)

  10. Yeah, and maybe a bit of revenge - cat ninja style.

  11. Wonderful, pricisely why we don't have a tree, 5 cats in the house means its not good to put up anything dangly. lol
    I could imagine them all getting in a huddle and working out when they were going to attack it.
    probably just as we got into bed....

  12. crafty cat corner,
    And, a cat's fondness for attacking dangly things is one of the many reasons I don't have cats in the house. I like your blog.From now on, you may be ccc. LOL


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