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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day 2011: Part 2

The beginning: how the day started
Christmas Day 2011: Part 1

dessert table at M's and J's house
This table has my chocolate pound cake to right of center and R's chocolate pecan pie to left of center. The chocolate pond cake has confectioner's sugar on top. Usually, the ACLU attorney brings his  chocolate truffles. And, the antique dealer brings fudge. I miss them and the folk who bring them...sigh. Usually, I make lemon curd for the chocolate pound cake. Usually, there are about a dozen desserts on this table. A lemon cream pie showed up after I took the picture. I forgot to ask where she acquired the art on the wall.

Mirrored wall with table for drinks of all sorts
But, there was only wine.
Water works for me.

Look to the far left and you can see the dessert table and art above it...all in the picture below. To the right are the pocket doors leading to the living room. Ooops, the kitchen stool and vacuum cleaner are still in the dining room. I took this picture before I had cleaned the drink table. Both the hosts have been ill recently. So, we all chipped in to clean just the last little bit. The flash in the window, above, is me, standing in front of the picture and taking the picture. It appears I sort of vanished behind the flash!

Dianne, professional singer: David, contractor: J, host, minister PhD, writer
M's and J's house is always a feast for the eyes as the art change often.
Rowdy is a Katrina "rescue dog." He was just a puppy when Katrina struck. Desi and Lucy are also "rescue dogs," but they must be confined because they would eat us all for Thanksgiving dinner or any other day they could get to us. Desi particularly hates me. He bit Rachel through the fence.

Everyone brought something. Menu: roast turkey, smoked turkey, two lamb roasts or something lamb cooked two different ways, smoked ham, baked ham, middle eastern green beans, another green beans, asparagus, dark rolls. Yes, it was meat and green heavy and no dressing, but it was all delicious.
I left M's house with two pieces of chocolate pecan pie, half my chocolate pound cake, green beans, turkey and ham...yummy.

This post took five or more hours over three days. Blogger posts the pictures anywhere it pleases if it even will load them. My "u" key is stuck, so I have to redo words all the time. So, who knew I use so many words with a "u"? My frustration with Blogger is at an all-time high this week. Just great! B also took some of the text away....(primal scream in Alabama). I refuse to type anymore.
My Christmas Day is not over yet. Stay tuned for Part 3 which will have pictures in whatever Blogger wants them.
Your turn
Because of unforeseen events was your Christmas scaled back this year? 


  1. Yes, this year was scaled back because of financial concerns and then I was ill for the two weeks prior so wouldn't of felt like shopping if I had the money anyhow. Also, barely baked anything at all due to special dietary concerns. But we had a great time anyhow.

  2. everything was postponed due to mom's health crisis. feels good to be doing something as carefree as blog-surfing now. love the artsy, eclectic home you've pictured here, Linda. happy new year!!

  3. PracticalP - your Christmas (both parts 1 and 2) sound awesome, hilarious, fun, funny and fantastic! holy crap they have some weird art, eh? but i am so glad that you had a good time and weren't eaten by any dogs!

    me darlin' - it has been great fun getting to know you over these past few months...really great fun! i am so glad that we have become friends and i want you to know that we wish you an amazing 2012!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  4. LindaM,
    I just hope whatever the problem, it has been solved or is being solved by your new eating lifestyle.Happy New Year!

    Your mother's health crisis? Did you blog about this? Gee, I thought I read all your posts. I will check again. It's good it is over and you can relax again Happy New Year!

    kymber and jambaloney,
    Going to her house is like going to an art museum because there is so much and she changes some of it all the time. Christmas day was fun and different. Wait until you see the third post. It has been interesting finding and reading your post. Happy New Year!


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