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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Pink Christmas

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas
Last year I found this tree for $5, reduced from $20. On a whim I bought it, thinking I might set it up in the bathtub for a Christmas party. This year, I could not afford a live tree or any other, so this is my tree. I have never had a pink tree, an artificial tree, or a small tree, so this is all new to me.

(When I am sitting down, the tree looks better, larger at the bottom. I had to stand to take this picture, and somehow that makes it look less tree-shaped. Weird)

Only the fact that it is pink makes me okay with this reduced celebration. There are no white ornaments to be had in town. Every box of ornaments possible for this tree just didn't quite suit me. Making ornaments seemed cheaper, anyway. I have too many perfect ornaments stored away for  me to buy more.

At first, I thought curling ribbon adorning the tree would be perfect. I got out the curling ribbon from my gift wrap supplies and lost interest. Then, I bought tinsel, discarded that idea, and took it back for a refund. I have several boxes of new tinsel in my Christmas decorations that were bought for a dime. This new tinsel was a whopping $0.67, a sum I am loathe to pay now and never have. Lastly, I bought white doilies for their lacy look. Those went back to the store for a refund. I could not bear to spend the money. See where my parsimony is kicking in?

The topper was a white, angel Christmas refrigerator magnet that fell out. I only noticed that after the picture was posted. The make-do Christmas tree skirt does not show. The lace curtains in the picture window are a perfect backdrop. If the tree had been shorter or the curtains hung higher, the tree would be shown to its best advantage. The light cords and sockets are even pink!

Your turn
Have you ever had a pink tree or another unnaturally colored tree? 


  1. No. Trees are Green (she went to Sunday school with me... seriously poor love her parents christened her Teresa Green - what were they thinking!

    Always had artificial trees but always green... well until all the tinsel and lights are on

  2. I need your address for your book you won - is that it up there on you Blog?

    T. Neel
    2711 Clyburne St.
    Hueytown, AL 35023 ???

    :-) Stephanie

  3. Stephanie,
    No. Email me at, my contact at top and I will send you my street address by email. I could not find your email address on your blog.

    Thanks, I am so excited.

  4. Furtheron,
    LOL...My sleepy brain took a few seconds longer to process the comment! That lighting of the tree is magical. Well, it was when I had a green, live tree! Say hello to Teresa Green aka Trees are

  5. PracticalP - i looooove your pink tree! i have never had a coloured tree and for years now we have not had a tree but decorated the trees in our yard. now that we are at the manor everywhere we look all winter we see decorated trees - there are trees everywhere here! and they are always decorated in snow during the winter and on nights with a good moon - the trees twinkle as if they are covered in tinsel. but anyhow - i love your tree!

    your friend,

  6. I'm " green" with envy! If I could find a larger tree like yours, I'd buy it! We have a tiny silver one because one year the kids wanted a 70's style Christmas and I told them I'd only pay alot for a pink tree- no other color.. The silver one was all we could afford. This year we brought out or plastic green one to save money. Its still being decorated today....we usually try to wait till Winter Solstice to put one up.

  7. LindaM,
    All of red lovers are all about pink, too! Yes, a large pink one would be stunning. The pink one is to save money.

    If I get a silver tree, it would have to have one of things that turns it colors.

    I would have thought there would be free trees around there where you live. Or, maybe the Amish would let you cut one on there land.

    Plastic green works if you already own the tree. If you bring a piece of pine, spruce, or some branch to emit a wafting odor of Christmas tree, it will make the green, plastic tree seem more much I can do for this tree unless I leave some unwrapped Bubble Gum lying about.

  8. Never had an off-color Christmas tree, I can't bring myself to do it LOL. I've posted two photos on my blog of our tree :)

  9. When I was your age until just a few days ago, I could not imagine it either! I had bought this tree on a whim because of the color and was planning on using it in another room, not as my main tree! Okay, I will go look. I am sure it is pretty even before I go to your blog.


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