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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Moola and Free Cooler

As you may remember, I do a little research/survey once in a while. The pay is not a lot, not a king's ransom. But, there are a few perks. Yes, this can mostly be done slouched down in the chair so my back will not ache. Occasionally, besides the $3 for the survey, I am sent a product to try. If I am lucky, I get an extra surprise.

There is a Styrofoam box in this package
Inside the Styrofoam box...paper
Underneath the paper?

A product for me to try

I was paid $9 for my bit--$3 for first survey, $3 for trying the product, $3 for answering the second survey after trying the product. It's not a lot, but I can do this almost lying down.  For payment I have a cc type card. I swipe it and spend the money accumulated. At first, I was going to save this during the year and have some Christmas money, but I managed to dribble it out when I get $12 to $15. I cannot stand to write a small check just because I don't have enough money in my pocket, so I use the card where they deposit money--the cc. No problem. Next year, I intend to do better. At the end of the next year I should have between $$75 and $100.

This is the third cooler I have received while trying products. The first box and cooler are somewhere. I leave the cooler in the box to protect the Styrofoam from damage and to provide extra insulation. The second cooler was approximately 12"x12"x10" high. It lives in the very clean trunk of exbf's car, always ready to carry food in the summer. A gallon of milk will fit in this latest cooler.

Little perks help. I am sure the cooler will be used, especially when it gets warmer.

I found a penny last Thursday. Before that on Tuesday, I found two pennies, one each in different locations. Ooops, this is not the little 'perk' I meant. People are really indiscriminately tossing that money around!

Your turn
Do you have something that earns you minuscule amounts of money? Do you let the benefits accumulate until you can get something? Or, do you spend it in dribs and drabs like I did this last bit, just so I won't have to write a small check?  


  1. I'm trying to get better at filling out surveys because I signed up for one that accumulates points and won't pay out until a certain amount of points are made. I am more than half way there. My favorite was the mystery shopper deal-that paid me plus gave me money for groceries but it was obvious that I was a mystery shopper and it was in a bad neighborhood-I had to go with Garry or I wouldn't go. I stopped doing it when they started asking me to go out late at night. To gangland? Not enough money in the world for that!

  2. love it that you get free stuff in return for your opinions! I use a debit card for every purchase, in order to accumulate points. Saved up and just traded in all my points for Amazon cards, with which I bought me a Kindle Fire. Merry Christmas to me! ;)

  3. LindaM,
    You were probably the only sucker they could find to go there! I am almost to the $25 point on one thing reading emails. My friend collected money every three months, but I refuse to play the online games. So, it will be three years collecting 2 cents at a time. I swear I will get my money and never sign up again for one of these schemes!

    Yes, Merry Christmas is right. I hope you enjoy your present!


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