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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa and Mrs. Claus in Walmart

Santa found a little girl who has been good all year

The picture was much better in profile when the little girl's face was lifted up to Santa in all innocence. THEN, Santa saw me taking a picture and told her to "look up." She did and the idea I saw and wanted to capture was ruined. He told her to "look up" each time, and she did. He must have been deaf because I told him what I wanted and each time he instructed her to "look up." Mrs. Claus was in the background. I took more pictures of Santa with a child and each time, he made the child look at me. That only served to have the child try to escape or look into space. "Look up" for a child means "up" not at me. sigh...sigh...sigh

I was surprised to see I had taken a picture at the Coca Cola display.

This couple said they had dressed up for a friend's child and decided to shop before going home. They must have spent hours because they talked to all the children I saw in my short time there.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Your turn
Have you seen Santa yet? Were you a good little boy or girl all year long?


  1. In my much younger (and thinner days lol) my girlfriend and I went and sat on Santa's lap. I had never been taken to see Santa as child and felt deprived. Santa was a really good sport!

  2. Marci,
    After I got a divorce a friend and I went to the mall. Since there were no children there, my girlfriend and I sat on Santa's lap. Our Santa was more than a good sport, he encouraged us when we mentioned it. Yes, I, too, was younger and thinner, much thinner!

    I can only remember being taken to see Santa once, when I was four. It must have happened other times. Maybe not. I can still see the whole thing.

    Thanks for the comment. You made my feverish night. Someone is out there with

  3. I'm always good.
    I would've screamed at that Santa for trying to ruin my shot. The shot that you described that you wanted would have been Classic.

  4. Santa as a red and white suited man came about from Coke marketing. They made him what he is today. So it's interesting to see him near the coke.

  5. Mark, Thanks for understanding my grumpy remarks about Santa. I thought it would have been classic, also. I could have had a close shot of just two faces when I trimmed the shot on the computer

    Yes,we would never have had a Santa in red suit if not for a few twists and turns in his history.


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