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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Me? Cut my own Christmas tree?

I cut this tree about 1983

It is funny that I do not remember the details about cutting the tree above. But, it says so on the back of the photo, so it must be I was only about 37 when I performed this feat and was in much better shape. This will require a little delving into the memory to see where I stored this event.

I used a machine that belonged to my friend-- NeatWorks to copy the photo. Or, maybe it is NeatDesk. Yes, it is NeatDesk, but the link will take you there. I will have to see if the quality of the original photo is comparable to what I received from the machine. The tree was covered with tinsel, per my habit, and had ornaments that don't show up. The machine cut off the bottom of the tree and the tree skirt. Hmmm...okay, still okay.

The ceiling in this room where I sit (and where the tree was) is only 7' tall  as opposed to 10' ceilings elsewhere in the house. It is an addition that is not my doing. You can see the star touches the ceiling. The mystery mark on the door is part of what happened (can't remember) that caused me to need a whole new door, facing, and part of the floor repaired. A leak that was here before we bought the house finally manifested itself. See, I can remember things if I

Cutting the tree was quite a thrill....see, I am a big girl. I remember now, I was given a saw and told to cut a tree and bring it up to my car. I paid first.

Edit: The brown mark by the door is foam from a old playpen pad that I used to stop a draft. It worked but was not pretty. I did replace the door and all that was damaged. It was so nice to get rid of the unsightly and drafty door!

Your turn
Have you ever cut a Christmas tree all by yourself, with no help? Does your family have a tradition of cutting a tree each year? From your land? From a tree farm? 


  1. No, never cut one. I'm looking for one this year that I can p,ant in spring actually.
    Your tree is cute! I love tinsel!

  2. You're so butch!
    No, although we've cut down living trees, Fred has done this. I'm in charge of the kids who aren't helping him, keeping them busy.
    Good for you!

  3. Mark,

    Lots of families go together.

    Desperate sissies/girlygirls/weaklings do this when the other choices are unpalatable.

    Did you mean to insult me? LOL. I really don't think you did. If I had had a Fred living with me, I would not have been out there cutting a tree! Can I borrow Fred?

    I was not married and that was the cheapest way of getting a tree. After that year and that experience, I could afford a tree. Believe me. This was a one-time tree-cutting event. No one has ever called me butch. I am usually too worried about getting my hair wet, breaking my nails, or stepping in mud. Now, I have been called a sissy, and it's true.

    Actually, you probably have the harder part of the relationship, but the most rewarding. Post a picture of your tree!

  4. Linda,
    That will be a good addition to your yard. Plant it where you can decorate it and it will be seen from the house and road, maybe? Or, maybe it will be a good haven for winter birds. My friend has a whole line of trees in her yard because she gets a tree to plant each year.

  5. Hi Linda
    I plan on a whole line of trees too! Wind breaks! Bird feeders. Future shade. Out door decoration! LOL! We always keep a plastic tree around just in case we don't find one we can afford but this year is our first year here so we are looking for something to commemorate.


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