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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2011: Part 1

Red bag holds cake; Nahim is dipping my mac and cheese.

Christmas Day can be divided into three distinct parts. All three were frugal.  Food Not Bombs was my first stop. My friend, Jeff, runs the site. The food is free, beans--vegetarian, and warm. They did have mac and cheese. (Anyone recognize the red gift bag?)

Last summer, I gave a friend from Birmingham 100 pounds of dried beans to bring a rocker from Birmingham to me after he visited his father about 20 miles south of here and north of Birmingham. It turned out, I had counted his beans out, by bags and not by the bean, and then used part of his stash. So, I owed him. He did not think I was indebted.

He runs a Food not Bombs site. By the time I arrived the sparse crown had dispersed. It was extremely cold and rainy and Christmas Day. He did not expect many people.

Into the rescued bag I had put a chocolate pound cake and the three pieces of rescued candy. The guys were really happy and cut themselves a piece. I told Jeff where I got the bag. He was pleased. When I had emptied the bag, he asked me if I wanted the bag. I declined. When he told me it would be tossed, I reluctantly took the bag with me.
gift bag and candy on top of trash on Christmas Eve
The guys offered me beans. They looked cold an unappealing by this time. However, I did have some mac and cheese since I was starving.
Finally, Jeff said he was going to eat cake. All three appeared to enjoy it immensely. Oh, it was so cold and John had on sandals. I envied him because I had on socks and shoes, all bundled up, trying to fight off the sinus problems. My fever was down, but I felt crummy.

Your turn
Have you ever participated in or seen a  Food Not Bombs event? How would beans suit you on Christmas Day? Stay tuned for Part 2.

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  1. Hurray for Food Not Bombs! I have not ever participated but if I ever find one, I will. I've written about them on my old blog- great resource for the hungry and poor, plus the food is gleaned or safarid as you know. They get the Oscar!

    I'd eat beans for Christmas. Its food. Its filling and healthy.


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