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Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm That Woman

Not that woman

Nope, I am not one of these women.

I am the woman who will yell at you in the parking lot so I can take your picture because I love your headgear. It was their idea to take it with this truck they passed as they went into the store. The guy was getting into the truck to leave, but he was very friendly. He explained that he purchased the truck over the internet. He said the guy showed him pictures from every angle except the tailgate of the truck.

He purchased it because the seller in Georgia was having hard times. This is a another sign of crisis. I don't know what kind of truck this is, whether it is a high-end vehicle or not. But, the painting on the back indicates the former owner was not very frugal. I can only surmise.

Do you recognize the skyline? That is Hotlanta--Atlanta, Georgia.  I am about three hours from there and gain and lose an hour, going to Atlanta and coming home. By a combination of watches in different time zones, it takes me four hours to get there and two hours to get home. Hotlanta is a marketing campaign to promote Atlanta.

Back to the ladies. Don't those look like fascinators? Fascinators are popular with the British, from what I can tell of the fashion news. The were so happy looking, smiling, and laughing as they passed me, coming out of the store. When I asked for their picture, they were even more happy, thrilled to pose for me, suggesting the truck and then sort of looking to me for approval, " Oh, we should have our picture made in front of the truck we passed going into the store". When I said, "Let's do that," they were even more thrilled. Oh, see their jackets and blouses that match? ~~~all decked out for Christmas. It's not my style, but they were so joyful.

How many of you express sheer, unabashed joy this time of the year? All I have to do the gain attention and appear festive is wear one of my two red coats, don one of my two red sweaters, wear one of my two pair of red gloves, or wear my red scarf and people comment how festive I look. No, I don't wear red gloves with the red coat.  I wear black gloves. Okay, right before Christmas, I do wear red gloves with either of the red coats.  And, they do match. I paid 25 or 50 cents for the RED scarf at a yard sale. One pair of RED gloves was free. The other was on sale. I made one of the RED coats. The other is 15 yrs old.  Oh, I am never looking for attention. People just looove my coat. Before Thanksgiving, no one ever comments.

These two ladies expressed a secular joy. But, I would bet that come Sunday morning, they are obediently in church, celebrating religious concepts with the same joy. Yes, the two can co-exist.

Okay, this stream-of-consciousness that I am floating in has me thinking about the Christmas corsages that were popular in the late 50s and early 60s. They were for coats, much like Christmas pins are worn today. I had a pink one and wore it for several years. Some girls got a new one every year, but I could not afford to discard the old one. Besides, I like the pink one. I never saw another pink one. Most were the colors of nature. No, my holly was pink!
Let's wade to shore.

I was conservative about waste even as a child. Of course, the Christmas corsage was a teen thing, emulating adults.

Your turn
Did you ever wear a Christmas corsage on your coat? Did your mother? Do you still have it? Remnants of mine are tree ornaments now.


  1. Love this! And I love the fact that this was a guy's truck.

  2. those ladies are awesome and so are you! i love red anything - and all year round! but i must admit that there is a definite sense of real fun and mischevious-ness that comes out of people during the Christmas holidays. i bet you gave those ladies a story to tell for years to come!

    awesome Linda!

    your friend,

  3. Michelle,
    Thanks. I loved it too! The moment could not pass as I saw it.

    Oh, red and pink are year round colors for me. Everyone seems happy, a good thing.

    Thanks lots. It is fun being that lady.The funny thing is that I am shy.

  4. Red and pink are my favorite year round colors too! I don't wear red just for Christmas but I like it when others do, especially if they tend to wear neutrals most other times. I actually like plaid at Christmas the most- in clothing I mean. I do want one of those hats though!

  5. Bravo to these two for letting you take their photo. And they both look so happy too.

  6. Mark,

    They were overjoyed to have their picture made. They were walking along all bubbly and just exploded with happiness when I asked to take their picture. Then, they were absolutely thrilled I would hobble all the way to the truck.

  7. LindaM,
    I went to a Christmas party a few years ago where most of the women wore red. We made a special picture of the group. Like you, I wear red (and pink) year round. For some people it is reserved for Christmas and Valentine's Day.I am not much of a fan of plaid on me, but I really like it at Christmas in clothing and decor.

    Lumberjack plaid flannel shirt is a good look for a guy, if the occassion calls for it. If plaid is the only thing he owns....ummmm...okay, just not in my life. LOL

    The hats/fascinators should be easy to make for yourself.


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