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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And, I Fell Down

It's not as bad as it sounds since it has been almost twelve hours since I fell. Having done too much yesterday, I decided that a pain med was in order last night. Actually, for a week or so, I have been trying to get something. The pharmacist has refused to fill two prescriptions called in by the doctor. I'm allergic to them. Okay, I hallucinate on codeine. Living alone is not the best scenario for hallucinating. Right?

Yesterday, after helping Mark get the tarpaulin on the pen and just sitting on a hard chair outdoors, I was in pain. So, I decided to take out the bottle of 60 diclofenac (75 mg) and give it a whirl. It made me so sick in March that I refused to take it. At about 6 pm yesterday, I took one.

This morning I slept through 30 minutes of the alarm. I awoke to exbf pecking on my bedroom window. I jumped up, sort of, hurried and was going to open the door. I started staggering just because that is what I have done all my life in the morning. My husband was fascinated about the way I weaved through the house, seemingly unable to walk a straight line or get through a door without running into a door facing. That's just me.

Of course, I had this pain pill still with/in me, so there was no correcting my course, and I started getting dizzy. I hit a piece of furniture, knocked it over, and screamed and moaned as I fell on top of it. Exbf was shaking the doorknob, asking me if I were okay as I cried. Finally, I disintangled myself and got the last two feet to the door, bawling as I went.

All day, I had trouble focusing my eyes, focusing my thoughts, trouble walking straight, just plain trouble. Exbf had to spot for me when I got into the tub to shower off with the hand shower attached to the tub faucet. I told him just to let me fall and call 911, but he stayed close and vigilant. I made it. I lived. The bathroom was soaked since this is a claw foot tub and not a shower enclosure and has no curtain. I hate showers anyway. No soak in the tub for me has been a trial. He has held onto me all day, helping me up and down the steps to go outdoors.

It is no problem to function and have no pain. I just cannot do anything! Nothing!  That is my plan. I am officially a slug.

Today, I did get a turkey in the oven. Okay, exbf put it in the oven after I had it all ready. I tried rehydrating sweet potato medallions I dried that came from the Thanksgiving Box. We had potatoes and cabbage that was left from Saturday. He does not like gravy, so I will make that later. Same with cranberry sauce. I had a box of dressing from the Thanksgiving Box and made that. I was not up to making dressing. Besides, my time just ran out. He took home lots of all I cooked/reheated. Actually, I gave him potatoes and cabbage that had not been reheated.

All three were alive this morning. I sent exbf out to check on them as soon as he determined I was not seriously hurt. Tonight, they gathered on the fake-grass doormat. He had to try to lure them to their pen with honey dew pulp and seeds. Fancy and Thelma refused to go past the near corner of the house.  He finally got them out there by shaking oats in a cup. They can hears oats shaking from the front

I promise

No more pain pills. Finally, at about 8 pm tonight, the effects have almost worn off.  That is 24 hours! according to the bottle, I could have had another this morning. No thanks!

I am not a person who takes meds for pain. So, this foray into pain is not something I relish. No, I won't be falling down again. It was the sudden awakening from sound sleep and the fact I am like a drunk in the morning AND the pain pill that made me veer off, crash into furniture, and fall. No scolding.

Your turn
Do you have bad experiences with pain meds?  Have you ever fallen from the action of one pill? Do you walk around in the morning in a fog?


  1. Ouch - sounds all so dramatic. I'm lucky I only have the flu.

  2. If only I only had the flu. At least it ends! I hope you get better soon. There is nothing worse than being ill in the heat of summer!

  3. i am so sorry to hear of this! you cannot be going around falling down, young miss! as for me...i walk around in a bit of a fog in the morning as usually takes me at least 30 minutes to come out of the fog. i like to get up and sit at the kitchen table and drink my water until properly awake.

    you take care now!

    your friend,

  4. kymber,
    My fog was compounded by bad medicine for me. Okay, I will try to stay on my feet. Given to my own devices, I do sit here in my chair and just sit and stare. Exbf has come by before and wakened me. He sits and watches me sit, always asking what's wrong. Nothing, just trying to come alive fully.I cannot even form thoughts and voice them. Staying upright is the

  5. What a crappy way to start the day! You sure managed to accomplish a lot in spite of it though!

    Codeine makes me wake up after weird dreams. I hate that stuff. Mostly I stick with the OTC meds, they don't cause me reactions.

    I can't talk when I wake up. Drives Husband crazy. He's a morning person, always yapping away about something. It's like my body is on the move but my brain is still sleeping. Please, just shut up for 20 minutes...

  6. Well I have to take some for the migraine associated vertigo I get - and I hate it.... more because I have previous and these things I have to take have big warnings about addiction due to the massive amount of Codeine in them - so I avoid them until it might be too late and I start falling over etc. I think I just getting it about right now. I have started taking ibuprofen lysine which is really good for my migraine so I now try to gauge is it too bad already or not and if I still have to take the codeine try to use the ibuprofen lysine on the down side from that rather than another codeine hit.

    Obviously with the vertigo - yes I have the falling over thing down pat! Mornings can be the worst, I have to get out of bed reasonably gently and take a little time to get fully steady. If I leap up and try run for the door etc. I'll have same issue you had etc.

  7. Wendy and Furtheron,
    Thank you. You understand! More down further.

    Cheese (beyond excessive consumption) was the culprit for my migraines! Yes, the vertigo with migraines has to be managed with a slow getting seems that any head congestion is also going to end up as inner ear congestion. This bit of congestion in my head/ears, difficulty with mornings and that med all had me not fully functioning.

    I agree about no addictive meds.

    We will have to practice the falling down until we perfect it.

    You described it perfectly--people yapping. I could respond to a baby or small child. But, at some point, "if you are not bleeding or the house is not on fire, let's just hug or sit in my lap." I always responded, but the children grew more like me as they became adults. None are morning people.

    Adults? The chirpy, yappy, "Good morning" just drives a spike into my brain.

    It seems morning people have to team up with night people!

  8. I'm glad that you were okay! I steer clear of pain meds too. My granny had given me a bottle of Tylenol once but forgot she had put codeine in there too. I had a headache so took a pill. Before long, my headache was gone but weird things were happening. Codeine makes my ears roar and my body itch. My ears feel like a ton of water is in there too. I didn't know that I took the codeine so thought I was having a stroke! Then I remembered my grannies habit of stashing pills together for her purse! Took a look and figured it all out. phew!

    I also am not to be bothered when I wake up. Everybody knows it luckily and leave me alone as I sit in stupor for an hour!


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