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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Safari

The story starts late on Christmas Eve with picking through a trash can's contents for good, free items. Ever on the lookout for free goodies, even when I don't want to be vigilant, I found a minor goody. Alright, it's an affliction. On Christmas Eve as I pumped gas for a trip to Birmingham on Christmas Day, I saw a new, used gift bag right on top of the trash. "This cannot be dirty." Then, a surprise! (Actually, since it was right on top and I dug no further to find anything.)

As I tried to surreptitiously dumped the contents of a small, red, shiny, unwrinkled gift bag, I made a discovery. First, it was a noisy job and I had to keep shaking it to get the stuff out, so there was no subtlety in my actions. Then, the bag was full of candy and the candy box and other candy wrappers. I should have looked instead of quickly dumping. Each safari provides a new learning experience! Only three pieces of candy landed on top of the clean trash. The rest slid down where I could still see it but did not want to go. A bag and three pieces of candy were my bounty from my unlikely safari aka dumpster diving. (People were looking.)

My note to Kayla: "Chris did not like all that candy you gave him. Instead of sharing it, he threw it out at the gas station!  I know who did this because the name tag you attached gave me information!"

gift bag, two peppermint candies, peppermint ring

I had a plan for the goodies that involved giving it all away after I put a gift into the bag. It was perfect for my purpose! Those specks on the bag in the picture are not really there.

That was my biggie activity for Christmas Eve, other than baking chocolate pound cakes and putting color on my hair and listening to Christmas music and basking in the pink glow of my pink tree. I have the gift of being able to entertain myself easily.
Your turn
Can you top this? LOL, hope so. Would you have gotten this from the top of the trash can, a trash can with trash obviously new. New trash? Great concept! On the off chance anyone is nutty as I, did you find anything on Christmas Eve, something bound for the landfill, something you rescued and brought home or used?


  1. Dave found some mega terracotta pots, comeplete with free potting mix and plants, at the local tip when he was dropping stuff off.

    Yes, it was on Christmas Eve too. He even enlisted help from some on-lookers, to put the bounty in his boot.

    We did pay for it though, only a very, very small amount, but it was still destined for landfill otherwise. ;)

  2. Chris,
    That's even better than a red I hope you feature them in a blog post or at least give a nod to them because I would like to see what people discarded. Paying a small amount is almost free! I am always surprised at what is just discarded. Even the bag of candy could have been given to someone else to enjoy.

  3. The best trash trophy we ever got was a vintage dresser. All it needed was a little TLC, and once again it was as good as well, vintage.

  4. Thts a good find. Top of the garbage cn woud be my limit I think.

  5. Andrew,
    Isn't it amazing what furniture people will just toss. That's an excellent find.

    I would rather dig in a dumpster than a trash can....yuck.

  6. I did a post about the pots and plants (including pictures) when I described our Christmas this year. We had a lovely time with the most amazing surprisies - for us anyway, LOL.

    I say they were amazing because we weren't expecting them, and yet some of the things which happened is exactly what we wanted. :)


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