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Friday, November 23, 2018

What I Bought With a $100 Grocery Gift Certificate

"s"--things on sale.

s bag onions 3 lb, $1.50
s celery $.99 head
s Kraft shredded cheese, 8 oz $2.00
s real butter, 2lbs $6.00
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce w/Mushrooms $1.89
Kraft Parmesan in Shaker $4.29
Minute Maid 32 oz. OJ $2.89
2 Philly Cream cheese, 8 oz ., 2 x $2 each = $4.00
s Zeigler bologna, 12 oz. $1.50
s 2 Kraft Medium Cheddar Chunk 2 x $2= $4.00
bananas, $59/lb., $1.14
Lysol Reg Liquid cleaner 2 x $4.49= $8.98
Fruit Cocktail 2 x $1.69= $3.38
Pet Ritz deep pie crusts 2 in each pkg, 2 pkg @$2=$4
5 Dromedary diced pimientos, 5@ $.89=$4.45
Apple Pie filling $2.89
6 Lime Jello, 3 Cherry, 3 Strawberry, 12 x $0.99 = $11.88
Hershey's Kisses Christmas hats $3.99
Full Circle Maple Syrup, organic  $6.99
cayenne pepper, $1.49
Matchbox car, $1.00
Guarnier Color Me Happy Shampoo, $2.99
Dove Soap original, 2-pack, $3.59
Dr Pepper diet, $4.99
Dasani 24pk $5.99

"s" indicates sale price.

I bought $102.25 worth and owed $2.25. She offered to take something off, but I elected to pay $2.25 since it was ten minutes past their 1 pm closing time on Thanksgiving Day.

I bought no meat because I had no room in my tiny freezer. It is full of meat and blueberries. The refrigerator has 3 turkey breasts thawing. Tommy's freezer is full, too. If I had my regular freezer, I would just buy all the amount in turkey breasts. Seriously, I would have.

Some explanations:

The reason I bought so much Jello is that if I bought six packages, I would get a free Christmas mold. I know--so silly. There were two different molds, so I had to buy 12 pkgs of Jello. I do not eat this much in a year, but I want to make Christmas Jigglers. Jigglers are Jello so stiff you make it shapes that can be picked up and eaten in hand.

I offered Tommy Dr. Pepper. He does lots for me, but will never buy boxes of soda for himself.

The Cayenne pepper is to sprinkle on things to keep animals away. My garbage is turned over right now!

I have never used pie filling to make an apple cake, but Tommy likes apple pie, and I am not peeling and slicing apples!

For a month or more, I have been wanting bologna since I love it so, but since it is not good for me, I have left it alone...until now. I may eat a couple of pieces and freeze the rest.

At Christmas there is always a little boy somewhere to buy a gift. The car and some candy should do the trick. It is easy to find things for little girls cheap or on clearance.

There is little fresh produce because I have kale and lettuce in the crisper now. Any new would spoil before I can use it.

I should have gotten more Ragu with mushrooms!

Dromedary is the only brand of pimientos that are from US and packed here. And, this is the only store in town that sells it. Now, I want Chicken a la King. Or turkey.

I "needed" the Hershey's Kisses!

Lysol cleaner, the brown liquid is my favorite floor cleaner. I was glad to get this free. I don't know another store in town that carries it. People tease me about the smell when I clean the bathroom floor. PineSol or a lemon scent makes me ill.

AHH! I need Miracle Whip! Right now! Else how can I eat a turkey sandwich?

This was a lot of needs met and wants fulfilled for $2.25.


  1. How do you make the Jello Jigglers? I would love to know.
    You did good on the grocery run.
    I don't know what I would buy for $100 just like that. I would be too excited. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Monica,
      Use less water. It is on the package of Jello. Or, look on the internet. I am typing in bed, trying to stay warm. I will put it in the next post. I should have planned better so that I had coupons or left off some of that Jello and gotten Miracle Whip and vinegar. But, that is okay. I was excited.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You got a lot for $2.25! Great work! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I used to love the scent of Pine Sol until they changed it several years ago. Now it gives me a headache. I wouldn't tease you about the preference. Personally, I love the smell of cleaned-with-bleach bathroom. I have only white sheets for the beds, and I love the slight scent of bleach in them when they come out of the wash! People may think that's worthy of teasing, but there it is. I am careful nowadays about what I use for cleaning. I only use a solution of vinegar, water and bergamot oil for regular cleaning, bleach and water for deep cleaning, and counter stains. For my wood floors, I use Dr. Bronner's Sal's Suds mixed with water. Windows and mirrors get cleaned with vinegar and water, or, vodka if they are very streaked.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Meg B,
      These people were rude about a lot of things. I only use this on bathroom and wood floors. My kitchen floor is painted, so just a bit of laundry ALL. Scents make my head hurt, stop it up, and cause breathing problems.

  4. My husband suggested to bungee cord your trash can lid to the can or put a few bricks on top to keep your visitors out. Great shopping trip! Barb

    1. Barb,
      My cans no longer have lids. Besides, I probably could not get the bungee cord on. Even lifting a brick hurts my hands and shoulders. If it weren't so far to the chain link fence at the back of the yard, I would bungee cord them to the fence and let the guy that takes them to the road deal with getting the bungee cord on and off.
      Thanks. I had fun.

  5. How great to be able to stock up for almost no out of pocket spending. Congrats!

    1. Hawaii,
      Some of those things I would never buy. Some would have been a struggle. So, it was good shopping and fun. Thanks.


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