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Monday, November 5, 2018

Little Things Here and Rhizomes

*It was silver with a blob that had remnants of hands and feet. I found a painted rock on a shelf in a store as I was browsing the shelf. I almost moved the rock to see what was behind it. Finally, I focused and realized I had found a Halloween rock. I believe it was a ghost. Cute. This is my fourth rock. It really makes he happy to find one of these painted rocks.

*Finally, someone helped move things so I could turn on the heat. It has not been so cold in here as it has been damp to the bone. I hung up a pair of pants in a doorway, and four days later the pants were still damp. Now, it is comfortable in here. The heat is as low as it will go.

*On Thursday, I saw a tree that had turned. It was the most brilliant yellow. Since then, a few more around town have turned. Mine are still greenish.

*When Tommy was here on Tuesday, he asked me about my having caramel corn and where I got it. Since I don't have any caramel corn, I got up to see what he was talking about. It was a bag of onions to plant. We had a good laugh. I had started out the back door to plant them and went to bathroom and did not go outdoors to plant them.

*Stupid little chipmunks! They eat anything. I will have to leave all pots of flowers and Hosta on a table to keep them from have lunch on my plants. Maybe I will have to plant things in a combination of dirt and gravel. 

*My reduced mums were doing fine and blooming. Then, I fell behind on the deadheading. If I did not deadhead, I would not have more flowers. I just grabbed my kitchen scissors and gave the whole thing a haircut, cutting about four inches from the whole plant. Then, I watered it. Maybe this will work. What do you think?

*I spotted a "free" box and looked into it. I had to ask what was in the box. It was just a lot of dirty looking stuff. It turned out they were iris rhizomes. The guy told me it was flowers. I got two and he told me to take more, take all I wanted. I grabbed a handful and it turned out I had six rhizomes. They are now planted and greening up on top. I just pushed them down sideways and pushed a little soil over them. It worked. I really do know iris rhizomes, but these had the tops cut off, the roots still attached, and just a bunch of trash from the yard. I did not lean over or touch the rhizomes before I asked.

*Have you ever wondered what was the difference between bulbs, roots, rhizome, and corms? I know I have, but this article will help.


  1. rhizomes as you will soon realize sprout and grow rapidly and soon you too will be giving them away. Even the chipmunks won't touch them.

  2. Urspo,,
    I have had the same iris here since 1977, and they have never spread much since I don't thin them. Therefore, I have never had enough to give away. That would be a great problem to have. I should only plant things a chipmunk will not eat. They destroyed about a dozen prize-worthy hosta. Hopefully. these iris in huge pots will grow new rhizomes. I can get them out of the loose dirt but not anything that is harder. Thanks for the hope.

  3. Officinalisinin I is extracted from the rhizomes of Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge. Officinalisinin I


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