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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lost Tuesday

From 6 pm on July 4th until 4 pm on July 5th, I slept about 18 hours. I feel lousy and unwillingly succumb to sleep. Once in a while I get up and drink water, open the computer, maybe comment on a blog. Then, I pass out again. This has become my new normal when ill instead of getting up and muddling around all day.

I actually slept too much on Sunday and Monday, too, so this is not so sudden as it seems.

This day had a great plan for getting things done: laundry, dishes, PO visit, grocery store, farmer's market. None of it was done. I fed Dominique and got one stupid letter from the mailbox. NOOOO! I do not want to apply for a pre-approved credit card.

Even though I have an elevated temperature, I think I can beat this. That is what I thought before the local senior spelling bee and spelled with a fever. Saturday is the national bee, but I hope not to make that trip with a fever and then have to spell the next day.

A friend who likes to take a nip and wears a gun is going to stay here the two days I am gone. He won't answer the door, but he sees all that goes on outdoors. I feel secure no one will bother my place at all.

In one minute it will be Wednesday....sigh. Maybe it won't be a lost Wednesday. I am feeling better, so maybe tomorrow will be more productive. I need to deal with the produce I got at the market on Saturday! This lost day will be difficult to overcome.

Right now, I will continue my efforts to get the dishwasher working normally.

Your turn
Do you ever lose a day due to illness? Maybe you had another emergency. Does it seem like you will never get back on track? It does with me, maybe because I am still suffering from this sinus infection.


  1. I am sorry that you are sick. I hate when you lose a day or two. It seems to me that it takes a week or so to get back on schedule. But maybe that is just me.

    1. Sonya ann,
      This has been a grueling few days of blah. Yep, it will take awhile to get back on track.

  2. I lose days all the time, more to outside influences than sickness, and it seems to take a bit of work to get back into my routine. Maybe I should just quit having a routine and then I wouldn't have to get back into anything?

    1. Anne,
      There has been nothing wrong with me until this afternoon, nothing I could put my finger on. Now, there is a temp. Exbf is here, eating a salad, and he doesn't know it yet, but he is going to take me to the doctor. No routine, yep, that would work.

  3. I hear you. I am constantly scrambling making up for lost days. Even a public holiday throws me out. Routine is obviously important to me.
    I hope you are well enough to rock the Spelling Bee.

    1. EC,
      Yes, the holidays throw me off, too. Weird. Well, I am going, but rock it, we will see.


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