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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

In the last month I have seen more movies than I have in the last five years. Of course, the reduced-price movies-popcorn-coke special has been the impetus.

When exbf came up last Thursday, I told him all the tickets before 4 pm were $5, and did he want us to go to the movies, his treat of course. We saw The Legend of Tarzan. This was not the laid-back Tarzan movie with Johnny Weismuller of my youth.

While the new Tarzan did not wear a loincloth, I would have preferred that to his pants worn so low I was afraid I would see too much. It was not appealing at all. That was the only part of the movie I didn't like! YMMV

Samuel L. Jackson was superb. He kept up with Tarzan while fully clothed. This was the funniest Tarzan movie I have seen. Plus, the plot was better than the last Tarzan movie. I do believe I have only missed one Tarzan movie over all these years.

I lost my keys in the theater when these short girl-pants pockets dumped them in the seat and then onto the floor. I didn't miss them until after I had made his dinner (salad) and had to go back to the theater at 8 pm to retrieve them from where they fell. This happened at theater once last week, too. I need to attach my keys to my cell phone again. Actually, my cell phone keeps falling out, too. With the two attached, neither has ever fallen out.

After the children's series ends, so will my theater attendance. Actually, we plan to see the movie about Sully Sullenberger  who landed the airplane in NYC on the Hudson River. After this one I suppose I will go back to my once every three years schedule of theater attendance.

Tickets here are regularly $7.50 for seniors, and we don't buy snacks, so it won't be very expensive.

Update: I saw Chicago in 2002 and did not see another movie until 2008 when I saw Australia. My present movie going is an anomaly.

Your turn
Anyone seen Tarzan? How did you like it? Did you see the really old Tarzan movies?


  1. I haven't' been to the theater in forever. I can't stand to spend that much money on a movie. I figure I can rent something from the library and that is almost as good. All that complaining, said- we are going to see Star Trek when it comes out. I have a gift card from Christmas that I have held just for something like this. Yes, I am cheap.

    1. I usually went to a movie about every three years even after meeting exbf because theater movies are not tops on our wants or needs. I watched every movie the library had when I had no tv reception. Yes, I am cheap, too. Since I had to watch movies on my laptop sitting in my lap, it was not the greatest experience. Plus, the library carries nothing that is not pg-13.

      I saw Chicago in 2002 and did not see another movie until 2008 when I saw Australia. My present movie going is an anomaly.


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